Green, Green, It’s Green They Say…

It’s still very GREEN here.  And hot.  Quite. HOT.

I am SO ready for some orange, yellow and red.  And temps in something lower than the ’90’s.

Like yesterday would be good.

Weeds and mint

Old, non-working lantern at the front of the house
I really like the white outline on the leaves

Ironwork in the courtyard of the house

My little buddy who is also ready for Fall to arrive

So, what’s the weather like where you are?  Are things still GREEN?



  1. Your eye? Is stunning. That is all. XO

  2. It is very green where you are.

    Green is often hard to find in Nevada but for now our grass is still green and so is the garden.

  3. Your pictures are stunning as always!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! The leaves here are finally starting to turn.

  5. Beautiful Pictures and yes still very green where we are and humid and way warmer than it should be in Late September!

  6. It’s still very hot here! Suppose to be 100 degrees today! I just wish we had green somewhere. It’s mostly a deadish brown here from lack of rain! :(

  7. I love these! Green is everywhere! We are starting to have some change here…nothing red, but there are lots of yellows.

  8. I want to trade climates with you. Your pictures are gorgeous!!

  9. Love the scarecrow. And that non-working lantern? Wow!

  10. Lovely green photos! My favorite is the old lantern. Thanks for linking up today!

  11. Oh how I hear you on wishing for those autumn colors!! Beautiful captures!! That iron fence is fantastic!

  12. Love all the greenness. All of our colors are changing so everything is in its orange and reds now. I miss the greenness of summer already!

  13. I am so, so ready for come cooler temps. I’m scared we are never going to get them.

  14. Things are turning color and I had to wear slippers today, but it actually hit 80 degrees out, too. Love these pictures, especially the green and scroll work!

  15. You’re pictures are ALWAYS so breathtaking…and you have such an amazing talent for finding things of beauty!!

  16. I LOVE the leave picture!!
    So beautiful!