Grand Memories

There are only a few pictures of me and my grandparents.  Actually, I’m not even sure I have a picture with either of my Grandfathers (one passed away when I was 3) and there might be one or two of me with my Mom’s mother somewhere.  I do have some photos of me with my Dad’s mother, I know, because I was closest to her and we made a point to take photos.

All this to say, I want to make sure my children have photos with their grandparents and even their great-grandparents, who they are OH so blessed to know and eventually have memories with.  I never had that chance at all.

I wasn’t great about getting photos of my kids with my parents during this last trip home, except if you count these few I took with my phone.  And well, I guess they do count because both of my parents are in what I would consider their “natural habitat – my Dad sitting on the glider on his deck and my Mom watering her beloved flowers. 

(and Dad must have already finished his glass of iced tea since his hands are folded on his belly. See him back there?). :-)

We did get a photo of the kids and Tim’s Mom.  A nice one in fact.  She had one last year from our summer trip to Texas and wanted to update it for her FB page and just in general so we scurried out to the backyard and got everyone together and out came this.

I have nothing quite like this with my grandparents.  The memories my children will have of these special people are so precious.  I mean obviously they will also remember them for their personalities and the stories they told and the gifts they gave them (ha!) but to look at a photo like this and have all those things come flooding back?  Well, that is worth all the photos in the world.


  1. That is so sweet. I have very few photos of my grandmother with Cady and I treasure everyone of them.

  2. Love that your children have a relationship with their grandparents and are making memories as they go along. My best childhood memories are with my grandmother and sadly, I don’t actually have many pictures with her.

  3. Wow! I never thought of the importance of pictures of my children with their grandparents. I have a lot, but I will be making a greater effort to get more. You are right it will mean so much when they are older.

    Love the picture with your mother-in-law. It is so gorgeous.

  4. So sweet. Getting pictures of my kids with their grandparents is important to me too. I try to take a picture every single Christmas…it’s a good time because I always have my camera.

  5. I don’t really have a relationship with my grandparents… I don’t want that for my children.

  6. That photo of the four of them really is a great one…hope you’ve put it in a frame! (Visiting from Memories Captured)

  7. As someone who is in the process of slowly losing a parent, I can’t stress how important this is! Try to capture video as much as possible, too! You never know what tomorrow holds so capture today as best you can!

  8. I love it and totally agree! Having those pictures is a very special treat!

  9. I love the relationship my girls have with my parents. It is enough to bring me to tears some days to see not only my girls’ faces light up but my parents’ as well.
    You captured some very wonderful memories! What a treasure!!

  10. I don’t think I have many pics of me with my grandparents but I do work on getting a lot of pics with my mom and the girls.

  11. Yes as many pictures as I took on our trip and I never got a more formal one with my kids and the grandparents and I am kicking myself for it. Love all of the pictures

  12. Oh these are so lovely. Special times! I know that some of my fondest childhood memories are with my grandparents. So that is why I was really hoping my kids would have a good relationship with their’s but it’s not quite as I had imagined. It’s good- just different.

  13. How sweet! I hope that someday my boys look back and think of all the good times we’ve shared.

  14. One of my most treasured possessions is the set of photos I have of my own grandmother with my girls before she died. How amazing that at least my older one will remember her great-grandmother to some degree, and the younger at least has the photos.

    The only one I love more than that is the photo of me, my mother, my grandmother and my newborn baby – four generations of strong females all in one place. Thanks for the memories. It’s sweet any way you look at it.

  15. Oh this made me teary eyed. I don’t have many memories or photos of my grandparents and I think my son (like your children) is so blessed to have so many of his grandparents in his life. I love capturing those moments.

  16. I love this last photo. I miss my grandparents so much and the photos I have of my sister and me with them are some of my absolute favorites. They bring back awesome memories and make my heart happy. Your kids will treasure that picture for sure!

  17. I love the photos, that quote, and your parents’ house and yard!

    There are many photos of me with my dad’s parents, but not so much my mom’s. Which makes me sad – my maternal grandmother, who died when I was 12, was amazing and I have so many wispy, dreamlike memories of her. I wish I had some photos to go along with them.

    I also try to take a lot of photos of my daughter with her grandparents. So far, I’ve succeeded with my own parents (as well as my one living grandparent – her great-grandmother), but I don’t have a lot with my husband’s parents. They just don’t see her nearly as much and don’t seem to care much about taking pictures when they do. Which I find sad.

  18. Really beautiful pictures. I treasure ours, too.

  19. I love the memories you captured. My son’s grands are all older. I need to remember to record memories to help him remember them.

  20. Every last bit of this lovely.

    The sentiment, the photos, the quote, all of it.

    You;re a good egg, love.


  21. I am even surprised at how few pictures i have with my mom as I gott older. It makes me sadnow that she is not here, but my memories are very strong. I think digital photography changed the worldin that reguard. No more developing film!