Feeling Better in my Bathing Suit & Weekend Fun!

I sat by the pool watching a family.  They had one little girl, probably about 18 months old and two older boys in their teens.  The mother doted on the adorable baby as she splashed about and she must have asked her to say “cheese” a thousand times in one minute as she put her iPhone in the little girls face over and over.

I sat there thinking, that would so be me if K was here right now. ;)

But she was not.

Tim and I spent a little time away from the kids this past weekend.  We were not even that far away and it was for a work function so it wasn’t ALL fun and games but there was plenty of fun to be had.

I did get to enjoy the pool for several hours on Saturday and we had a chance to relax and kick back a bit. It was really nice.

And thanks to the DVDs I have been doing, I was even feeling somewhat better in my bathing suit!

Colleen Riddle and I have known each other since high school and now she has these wonderful workout DVDs called New Mommy Makeover.  There are three phases and I just finished Phase 1 last week.

The DVDs are geared towards mothers who have just had babies and even though I am 3.5 years postpartum (ha!) I still believe they are fabulous for any woman! They are designed to get you back into shape after having children and Colleen really makes it easy to start back at it and work your way up to getting stronger and healthier.  She even includes 2 “water breaks” during each of the three workouts for each phase.  Plus, the program also comes with an outline for nutrition and cardio exercise to go along with her workouts.

Although I have not lost much weight (I blame my unreformed eating habits as of late) I can see a difference in my arms and shoulders and my clothes feel a tad lose.  Colleen doesn’t mess around and I was sweating pretty good at the end of each 30 minute workout.

If you are a new mom (or even not so new, like me!) I really encourage you to look into Colleen’s amazing program.  And I will be updating again after I complete Phase 2, so stay tuned.

Oh and here are some pics form our little getaway this weekend.  I never got my “big” camera out so these were all taken with my phone. :)

p.s. yes, we were at a casino and yes I really do NOT like to gamble and no we did not lose our shirts because we just played quarter and dollar and penny slots and that’s about it and yes, my hubby’s co-worker is more his lucky charm than me. The end. ;)

p.p.s. Yes, Tim is in a boot like I was last Fall.  Just sprained his foot running.  He’ll be back at it soon!

p.p.p.s Four of my favorite words added together… Lazy River + Pina Colada = AHHHHH!!


  1. How fun! I’ve got to get back on the clean eating train. I’ve been slacking and it shows, to me.

  2. You look great!

    My “baby” is about to turn 5… but maybe those dvds would be good anyway!

  3. I love the photos.
    I have to check out the DVDs because I want to feel better in my bathing suit.

  4. You are gorgeous! (Also, Ryan loves pina coladas. It’s his favorite “vacation” drink.)

  5. That place looks dreeeeeeeeamy. I’m glad you had a good time, and you look FABULOUS in that dress!

  6. You look great! I live 10 minutes from Atlantic City and my hubs and I hate to gamble but casinos can still be fun even if you don’t gamble.

  7. Look at you all super glam … time away is good. Do it often xxxx

  8. Glad you had such a nice getaway and yay for weight loss and pina coladas!

  9. Looks amazing and you look so fabulous! For reals.
    I’m checking out that link!

  10. Sounds like a great workout! (sounds like I need it)
    Love you in that dress, gorgeous.

  11. Great dress! So great in fact I didn’t notice the boot on your husband! You look like you feel like a million bucks which makes everything else look that much better. Keep up the hard work!

  12. You look smoking.
    I really need to do something good for my body. I’m checking this out cause..dayyyum…girl.
    And your husband and mine can be in the boot gang.

  13. lazy river + pina colada = JEALOUS.

    Pictures (and especially you!) look beautiful!

  14. Now that looks like fun! I love the pic of you and Tim. You both look great!

    I am currently working on combining exercise AND proper eating habits. Why is it that I usually only do one of those at a time? It is so hard to do both. ;)

  15. Was this that casino that is between my house and your house? I’ve never been, but if it is I’m calling for a girl’s weekend. That looks as awesome as I’ve heard.

  16. Funtastic photos!!

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