Favorite Food Swap (and the tale of how I found a TJ’s supplier…)

So I was minding my own business reading blogs one day when I got a comment from Laural Out Loud (who at the time was still Mamasphere…) on this post. In it she said that she was glad I reminded her that she needed more TJ’s (Trader Joe’s) “Oh’s.” My exact reply was this:

“yeah, that’s fine, just rub it in that you can go get more, while I cry in my last glass of TJ oreo soaked milk…”

After putting up with my sarcasm me she offered to send me some of the oh-so-yummy cookies since another trip to either the east or west coast is not planned soon and well… because she’s awesome.

So I offered to send her a couple of things that I knew she couldn’t get in her part of the country. TEXAS bbq sauce and TEXAS hot sauce. And thus began my first bloggy food swap. The cookies arrived (4 boxes – 2 vanilla, 2 chocolate) to smiles from all three of my boys! : )

Here is Little G enjoying his TJ “Joe-Joe” (he just eats the cream and then throws the chocolate wafers on the floor.) To each his own. I truly do like mine soaked in milk. (but of course I am limiting my intake since I am going to lose weight before Christmas!)

So, since our swap was so successful we thought we’d host a food swap between our two blogs. Without further ado:

Listen… since you’re probably already sending some gifts by mail for the holidays why not include another one of a favorite snack or food for a bloggy friend? I had SO much fun sending and recieving things that I knew I couldn’t easily get and neither could Laural. So come on join us for some food and fun!
The Favorite Food Swap is an opportunity for you to share one of your favorite snacks or regional delicacies!

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

You can enter through either my blog here or Laural’s.
We will combine entries and match you up with someone in a different region.

Enter by Saturday, December 6th.
We’ll let you know your partner by Monday, December 8th.
Mail to them by Wednesday, December 17th
Write a post about the goodies you get once you receive them.
Sign up on the Mr. Linky that is on the blog where you entered the swap.
Oh and the spending cap is $15, although of course you can spend less!
So are you in? If so, email me or Laural by this Saturday (my email is misselaineous0375 at gmail dot com) and we will do some food match-maker magic!
And we’d be ever so grateful if you let people know about the swap on your blog. The more participants, the more chance to get some yummies that you don’t normally get to eat.

TJ’s “Joe-Joe” anyone?



  1. What a great idea! I’m just wondering what someone would want from our neck of the woods.

  2. oh exciting! :)

  3. I am in.
    What on earth am I going to send?
    Tobacco or collards?
    Hee hee.
    I will email you.

  4. Sign me up! Food is my life!

    Do I have to email you too?

  5. Oh that sounds like SO much fun! Wish we had the extra money to join in… maybe next time around. :) Enjoy those cookies…we LOVE tj’s.


  6. So I suppose this means you won’t be needing mt Tj’s gift… since you’re cheating on me with your secret supplier…. Oh… I want to team up with Kami, maple syrup please 😉

  7. oh i wish i lived in a cool place that had cool food people would actually enjoy getting :(

    maybe i can move and then play?

  8. I’m in! Should I email you as well?

  9. I’m dying laughing because I am picturing Trannyhead pleading her case for about 10 people to send her Utz Salt and Vinegar chips. Bwahahahaha!

  10. Alright you talked me into it! I do love food… and I think I can manage to come up with something yummy to share! Sign me up!

  11. I’d love to join if you take Canadians :-)

  12. I will definitely do this. But I’ll get back to you on the post on my blog when my brain is less flu foggy.

  13. I’m in and I might want someone from Canada. I am going to go visit her right now and see. I am in CA another good TJ person for you.

  14. Hey Elaine! What a great idea. I’m willing to take part… except I can’t think of anything to send. But, I will consult with Hubby about it and, I’m sure, come up with something… As you know, I’m in CANADA. Yay. Ontario, to be more exact.

  15. oh, i want in!!! sounds like fun and i’m sure that someone would love some of my favorite Fort Worth Joe T Garcia’s hot sauce and I’m sure I will think of something else too!!!