Fall-ish Fun

A few years ago I posted pictures of my kids at the “pumpkin patch” (a.k.a. the local Methodist church that uses their land to host games and treats and imported pumpkins) and the cuteness was overwhelming. (Warning: if you click on that link above, your uterus – if you have one – will twitch).  I did not go into any details about the craziness that was wrangling an infant and two little boys during “Family Fun Day”.

I made it look like it was basically no work at all.

But this year, I am keeping it REAL.

Yes, we did go to the same pumpkin patch last Saturday. It’s a tradition.  And I love those.

Traditions and pumpkins.  And Fall.

So, yes, I got some cute shots of my kids but there are also some outtakes too.  And I might as well include them because man, they are freakin’ fun.

And to REALLY keep it REAL, it was SO hot and humid. Like sweat-dripping-down-my-back hot and humid. Not very Fall-ish at all.

And K spit out the caramel that Tim gave her into my hand! because it was too big for her mouth and then I needed a baby wipe STAT.  (side note: I may NEVER stop carrying baby wipes)

Plus there was painting of pumpkins and I would have dressed my kids in lesser nice clothing had I known that was coming.   Whose idea was that because now my kids were covered in paint although their pumpkins turned out pretty cute!

Also?  Shortest, hottest hay ride EVER.  But we still had fun sitting on prickly bales of hay while Tim made jokes the entire time by saying “HEY!” every time he saw some. But I laughed every time so I can’t really talk.

So there ya have it, pumpkins, painting, sweating and A.B.C. caramels.  All in a day’s work for some cute pics of kids AND pumpkins.

p.s. I am not even sure I can talk about how tall my oldest child looks in this first picture because then I might start “sweating” from my eyes…







Seriously?  But still cute.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
Her shirt is SO TRUE.
Pumpkin hugging is all the rage!
They weren’t ready…
My favorite
Sweaty McSweater


  1. OMG pumpkin hugging – so darn cute! You are right, there is almost too much cuteness to handle :)

  2. I love K’s shirt!
    You have such a beautiful family, Elaine.

  3. Love this so much! Love that you kept it real! And your children are straight up adorable! :) P.S. Lisa’s kids are 13 and 10, and she still carries baby wipes! ;)-Ashley

  4. You and your beautiful family make me smile.

    One smile more gorgeous than the next. xo

  5. LOVE K holding, excuse me, hugging all the pumpkins. And that last photo is great.

  6. I did look back on your previous post, and you’re right. My uterus! My poor uterus! I actually had a dream last night that I was begging my husband for a third child. There’s probably some truth to it, but the thought of a third pregnancy right now doesn’t thrill me.
    Beautiful shots! The last one is so awesome too! You actually get in your photos. I should learn to do that.

  7. These are some adorable shots – all of them. And I certainly get the heat and sweating thing – we haven’t made it to the pumpkin patch yet and I’m kinda dreading it. Maybe we’ll head down the road this weekend.

  8. Your children are ridiculously gorgeous in a magazine-ad kind of way. Wow! Beautiful pictures!

  9. How awesome! Isn’t it fun to compare pictures from years gone by at the same place and time of year? You guys all look like you had a lot of fun together! Yay family!

  10. Your oldest looks so much like you, and he almost looks like a teenage in one of those photos! Beautiful family, Elaine.

  11. You take the purtiest pictures…and you’re right, none of us should ever be without wipes.

  12. Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait to get the kids to the pumpkin patch this year.

  13. You kids are just so darn cute. And so are you. :)

  14. Oh my gosh! So much fun and so cute!
    And I hear you on the baby wipes – totally. :)

  15. Aw, such cute pictures!! I love that last one. Pumpkin patches, traditions, and (sweaty) fall photos are the best. Hope you get some REAL fall weather soon :)
    And I may never stop carrying baby wipes either!!

  16. Her shirt is absolutely precious! The pictures are great 😀

  17. you are so, so very talented, Elaine. Seriously wish I could fly u up here to visit AND take our family pics! xoxoxo

  18. I love the real story – and the outtakes. So much fun. You got so many awesome pictures too. Love that last one especially :)

  19. So cute. I stopped then started (again) carrying baby wipes for the very reason you wrote about! I’m tired of food being spit into my hand :)

  20. Great great photos. And as a girl growing up in Florida, your pumpkin patch experience sounded a lot like my memories of trick-or-treating. I’d plan these great costumes, then tromp around that night in a pool of sweat and end up pulling most of it off. Your children are at such a wonderful age. Enjoy.

  21. So cute! I love the concentration in the pumpkin painting pictures. And the last one is perfect!

  22. These pictures are just plain amazing, and I CANNOT believe HOW BIG everyone has gotten. WOWSERS. Make them stop. :) Happy FALL!

  23. Awesome!!! I love the pumpkin farm. LOVE it. But I do not love trying to get the annual family picture at the pumpkin farm. And the kids LOATHE it. Hopefully this year it will go much quicker than the previous years. 😉

    Great shots!!!

  24. I love your pumpkin patch pics, Elaine!! I haven’t taken any yet and I hope we get there! It’s not as much a priority for my kids anymore since they are teenagers (and a tween) and their weekends are taken up by sports. But I love those pictures and we do need a pumpkin, don’t we?!!!

  25. Love all the photos, especially the squinty eyes one! =D

    I wish it was that hot here, though I can’t complain because its been unseasonably warm in Chicago.

  26. Traditions are a wonderful thing aren’t they. Good for the soul. I was disappointed in our weather. It was really hot too. Like hello fall, it is Canada. So confused that mother nature.
    You make pretty babies.

  27. Love the pumpkin hugging one! My husband would totally do the whole “hey” thing the whole time too.
    Such fun pictures, we are going to a pumpkin patch this Saturday

  28. That looks like so much fun!! I wish we had an awesome pumpkin patch nearby. We have one close but it’s pretty expensive.

  29. Cute overload! I love your daughter’s shirt. Is it wrong that I found some leggings yesterday that are just like hers… but for me. LOL! :)

    Looks like you all had a great time.

  30. These photos are sooo adorable! I love the last one though :) Looks like you guys had such a fun time!

Fall-ISH Fun

We made it to the “pumpkin patch” today, even though the temperature was a steamy 90 degrees while we were there.  I kinda hate that it is so unseasonable but you know, when the forecast shows similar temps for a while, and you want some cute pumpkins to put outside the front of your house, and festive pictures of your kids, you go when you can go.

So we went.  And the kids had a good time running around and eating a little popcorn and on the hayride and in the maze (no pics, darnit!) and seeing a few farm animals.  Although B is kinda over it.  You know, this whole cutesy pumpkin picking and posing for pictures thing is gettin’ kinda old.  Like him. 😉  But he’s still a pretty good sport.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

P.S. previous pumpkin patch pics

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  1. Love it! We hit up our corn maze/pumpkin patch today too and it was 68 degrees here – gorgeous! And weirdly warm for October.

    That really doesn’t compare to 90 though does it?

    I’ll stop now.

    Love the pictures!

  2. Love the picture of you and your daughter. And yes, it does kind of dampen things when it doesn’t really feel like fall.

    My oldest has the same shirt as your oldest :) Cute pictures and glad you had fun overall

  3. Such lovely pictures! I love all the orange accents in the children’s clothes. I thought you were giving up the matchy-matchy? :)

  4. I love these sweet photos of the kids, and how pretty are you? It’s hard when you can see them starting to outgrow things like this. :(

  5. You look so great, Elaine. Love the pics!


  6. Very cute!

  7. So fun! I wanted to take the boys to a fall festival this weekend, but it rained ALL WEEKEND LONG. Boo.

  8. I love the pictures. I really wish that I had taken more during our trip to the patch!

  9. I love G in the midle of the bench pictures! He is hamming it up! It would seem wierd to go get pumpkins when it is 90 degreees out. I wanted cute pics of my kids and the poor things were freezing, so i tried to rush and then let them put their coats back on. 😉

  10. Love the pics! Y’all sure do know how to have fun. :-)

  11. Great pictures, as always. We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend and it was 70 out.

  12. Your pictures look amazing! And that little girl looks just like you, mama! Looks like your little ones had a wonderful day :)

  13. It has been so, so hot.

    And you may not have done it intentionally, but the boys shirts do match. :)

  14. 90 degrees?! Whaaaa?! I wish. It’s cold-ish here now. And rainy. And, I really wanna take The Dudes to the farm for the fall festivities, but I hate going there when it’s all muddy and ick. Fingers crossed it’s not raining Friday, it’s the only day I’ve told myself we can make it.

  15. You got some fabulous pics! And I LOVE that one of you and Katie. And wow! She is YOUR mini me. You always say that about Grace but you definitely have a little you too. It just hit me in that picture. So cute!
    Such a gorgeous family!

  16. gorgeous family photos!

  17. Looks like such a great day! Love the shirt your little girl is wearing. Happy Fall!

  18. 90 degrees! Whoa – that is hot. I’m happy when it spikes up to the low 70s here lately.

    Beautiful captures – looks like everyone had a great time!

  19. We still need to hit the pumpkin patch!

    That B is so serious….I like the one of him smiling by the tractor. It happens at 8? That’s sooo soon:(

  20. LOVE all the pumpkin pictures!!!

  21. great garland flapping in the wind!

  22. Perfect fall pics! Very nice!

  23. Great photos.

  24. Looks like your little ones had fun 😀 Lovely pics ~ even with your Mr Serious!! 😀

  25. Such cutie patooties! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  26. Nothing says fall like a hay ride! Love.

  27. Love the pic of you and your little girlies squinty smile!

  28. I love the sepia type photo of the kids with the “chicken coup” sign behind them. Pumpkin patches are the best!