Fall Fun

We went to the Dallas arboretum today with our playgroup friends and it was quite fun. Ben’s favorite part were these big wooden pumpkins that you could go inside that he called “pumpkin houses” and he also liked the pumpkin patch and even voluntarily requested that we go take more pictures there. Funny, huh?! I was able to get the boys to pose together and even risked Gavin’s life (joke) in the full group picture of all the kids together. What I mean by that is that I was just afraid that Ben wouldn’t hold Gavin well enough on the bench all the kids were on, but I underestimated him and he did a wonderful job of bracing his little bro. Anyway, here are some shots from the outing.The boys together in the pumpkin patchBen inside the pumpkin houseThe “motley crew” – Cooper, Ethan, Ben, Gavin, Conner, Mabrie, Allie, Carter, Kirstyn, James & Trinity

Me and the boys


  1. Very cute family. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I look forward to reading more.