Exasperating Boy

As I have mentioned before, one of my children can exasperate me to no end…

In the morning he snuggles in next to me in our bed.  In the evening he runs wild about the house, literally bouncing off the walls and furniture.

One minute he’s asking for hugs and kisses and the next he is asking for it, if you know what I mean.

He NEEDS a lot of me.  Just so much.

Maybe I’ve made him this way… maybe he just IS this way.

I pity the person who falls for those dimples some day.  I do.

I hear no complaints from school except that maybe he is too quiet, not as involved as he could be and I stand and scratch my head, with no idea what they are talking about.

At the playground he runs and wails and screams and plays so loudly the other mothers look.  At me.

Maybe at school he just folds into the fold.

But here he is, the “middle child” looking for attention and time.

The other day I was so frustrated with his actions and his wise older brother told me that he probably has to “let it out” with me since he is so good in school.

I guess I would have to let it out too.

He clings to my neck when I drop him off.  What will he do next year when it’s every day and the long sidewalk is his landing point?

Sometimes I close my eyes and I’m still cradling him to my breast, watching his older brother play trains around us.

Other times I’m wondering what he will be like when so few of his days include me for very long…

It takes him a while to wind down at night, he needs less sleep than the rest. But when he’s out, he is out.

And it’s so lovely to watch him sleep.


this image is SOOC – no editing for once


  1. Who could resist that face???

  2. That wondering how it will be in the future? That’s what gets me.

    But that face? SO cute!

  3. Oh he is beautiful.

    My children are complete mysteries to me. Every. Day.

  4. He’s a handsome little guy! My Buster is much the same as you described here.

  5. Good grief, he’s gorgeous!

  6. Yes, I do have one! Lily is so much like this–except I’m pretty sure she is just as loud at school as at home. But yes, she needs more of me than the others kid do and it can be very wearing on me. But that fierce love is also incredible.

  7. He’s so precious! :) What a cutie indeed. I really can’t wait to have one of my own.

  8. So he’s real, then? Gorgeous post.

  9. OH what a face! <3 I couldn’t resist either!!!

  10. He might be exasperating…but he is absolutely, positively a handsome little thing.

    Cute, cute.

  11. This is so sweet and well written. Little boys are such mysteries. (He has beautiful eyes!)

  12. My older one is so very needy, and sometimes I wonder if that is because I needed her so much before she got here and I’ve just forgotten.

  13. They sound SO much alike. Maybe it’s just the middle child thing plus being a crazy boy? I’m a middle child so at times I feel guilty that he drives me there because I think that is where we should connect, but we don’t. I don’t get it. Tonight was another tough night with him. Someday we will get there….hopefully. Im here with ya!