The Evolution of a Runner

Person thinks maybe they’ll take up running after being inspired by friends.

Person goes in closet and thinks, “these shoes will be fine”.

Person goes to the gym treadmill and runs one minute (not mile) and is pretty sure death is upon them.

Person reconsiders.

Person is persistent and goes back to gym and works their way up to running a full mile without death occurring. (phew!)

Person thinks, well, maybe I can run one of those 5K things.  How far is that??

Person trains thinking it’s 3.2 miles but finds out on race day it’s “only” 3.1

Person gets pregnant (if they are a woman, of course).

Person decides to take up running again after baby is a few several months old.

Person works up to 10K race (and knows that is 6.2 miles…)

Person cannot get rid of pain in Achilles area of right foot but continues to run anyway.

Person does another 10K and is very happy with her time.

Person keeps running and decides that maybe a half marathon is in her future but cannot wrap her brain around 13.1 miles.

Person realizes she needs better shoes and socks.  And an arm band for her iPhone for songs and those gel things to suck down while running and more running clothes and accessories.

Person thought running was an inexpensive sport.  Apparently person was wrong.

Person trains for half marathon, the entire time thinking she’s crazy.

Person sees sports doc for ankle, who only helps her somewhat.

Person runs half marathon although is not so happy with her time and blames it on the weather and first-time toe cramps.

Person feels like a runner now for sure.

Runner (or person who runs) puts 13.1 sticker on her vehicle.

Runner goes to running store to get fitted for new shoes and inserts her trusty heel cups and continues to run and decides to do another half marathon and in the back of her mind considers a full marathon…. someday… maybe… or not… she’s not sure…

Runner runs.

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  1. You are an inspiration.
    You set a goal, and you achieved it.. so you set another one.
    You ARE a runner!

  2. I think I know this runner!

    I’m so proud of you Elaine!!! Loved this post. MWAH

  3. From another runner- you ARE a runner! Let’s do the Austin FULL next year, together, with our families meeting us at the finish line : ).

  4. Totally a runner. I’m so proud of you, E. and yes. You never think you can and then you do it. Just to prove yourself wrong. Disney 2013!

  5. This makes me laugh but also want to hug & high five you.

    Yes, the runner runs. And that’s always a good thing :)


  6. I love it!!

  7. Person is awesome.

  8. Person is an inspiration!

  9. Person is totally a runner and smokin’ hot.

  10. Love this! And yes, running a more expensive than I thought too.

    Person has done so well and should be so proud!

  11. Person is AWESOME.


  12. Love this. Love you. So fabulous.

  13. {{{{{runner person}}}}}

  14. I think that’s awesome.

  15. Love this….but I’m totally not, nor do I ever think I’ll be a runner!

    My sister just did her first 13.1..I wonder if she got a sticker!

  16. Love it!
    One day I will be a runner… day

  17. Amen, sister. A runner runs. xo

  18. SO awesome!! I love this post so so so much!! And I cannot WAIT to get back out there! :)

  19. This post is just so inspirering.

    Maybe, I can run.

  20. Great post! And maybe we should meet up for a half…. since you’re doing another one and all…..

  21. You nailed it! Though I went trying to get a good deal on running shoes, they felt great in the store only to realize halfway through a 5 mile run that they make my feet go numb :( So yes, should have realized running is expensive and paid for better shoes

  22. Love this. I’ve only done a couple of 5ks, but I always said I didn’t run unless I was being chased by someone with a weapon. Amazing how we can get hooked.

  23. Elaine, you are incredible!


  24. It’s been said here already but I’ll say it too. You are incredible, and totally inspiring me to keep lacing up my sneakers and running.

  25. Woot! High fives across the Internet. I knew that 1/2 wouldn’t be your last. Much love from one reluctant runner to another!

  26. Run, person! Run! :)
    Once you’re hooked, you’re hooked!

    You are totally awesome, & high five!

  27. Runner tears up.

    You are amazing. I am so proud of you for everything you’ve done!

  28. Wow! That’s impressive. Unfortunately, I can’t get past the attempt at running for one minute and then reconsidering.

  29. YEAH, BABY!!! :)