The Egg Scramble

So, I was hoping to post pictures about our entire Easter, this morning.  But you know what?  I took so many damn photos that I like, even if you don’t that it’s gonna take a couple of posts.

I decided that I would just share the egg hunt the first egg hunt anyway, oh gosh, there’s just so much!  photos. 

In this case, there honestly is not a lot of “hunting” going on.  It’s more of an egg “scramble” as I like to call it.
See, my parents live right across from a soccer/practice field and a neighborhood park and that is where they lay out the eggs every year.  They are smart enough to do it by age group but they literally just toss a bunch of eggs out into the grass field and let the kids GO!, after they cut a string that holds them back, before it all begins.  
This year they also had pizza (at 10:30!?) and a bounce house.  I was impressed by the way the church who sponsored it handled everything and they even recycled the eggs and my kids gave quite a few back (Hallelujah!!  Thank the Lord!)


  1. Beautiful photos, Elaine!!

  2. the weather was so cold we missed one of our usual yearly egg hunts – but none the less – we all still had fun this year – your kids look like they had a blast!

  3. Looks like fun!!! And your pics are fabulous as usual!!!

  4. Too precious! Looks like they made out like bandits!

  5. We did not do even one egg hunt or scramble this year.

  6. Your kids are so adorable…and it looks like a wonderful day! Beautiful shots, as always!

  7. Oh my…that was a scramble. What a huge gathering.

    I love the last one of your sweet girl!!

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful day. And yes, I’ll frame that picture of my crazy guys. It’s nearly impossible to get them together and in a picture!!

  8. Hey there! My name is Sarah — I found your blog on raisingcolorado. What posts I’ve read so far I love, especially like your about me… number fifty in particular really hit home. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

  9. Cute pictures! Looks like a funfilled day.

  10. Great photos. Looks like they got a great haul!

  11. Ohmygoodness, that’s a whole lot of fun and goodness right there! Love! xo

  12. Oh what fun! I love the “scramble” idea. Great way to do it!

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog. I absolutely love that last shot – so sweet!

  14. Fun! Great pictures too.

  15. Beautiful pictures as always : )

  16. So much fun! And great photos too! :)

  17. Looks like so much fun! You got some really cute pictures!

  18. Wow, that is some Easter egg hunt!!


  19. What fun!ni was amazed this year how good my boys are getting at finding eggs! Our egg hunt took no time at all. I guess next year the Easter Bunny better step up her game ? :0)

  20. Looks like they had fun!