Easter Ease

Have you ever wished you could just beam yourself somewhere?  Seriously, how cool would it be if we could really do that thing they used to do on Star Trek?  (I mean, not really a fan of the show except for that part… I was more of a Three’s Company kind of gal.  Still am actually.  Anyway…)

I kinda had that feeling this past weekend – that being beamed up would have been awesome.  And I know my kids did too.  How did I know?  Because they told me.  They would have rather been in Texas, at my parents’ for Easter weekend as is usually the case.   They kinda like their cousins.  And the plethora of sweets at my Mom’s house.  No one can blame them really…

Instead we had a nice, quiet weekend here, just the five of us.  (okay, confession – it wasn’t completely quiet since my kids were OFFTHEHOOK on Saturday, seriously out of their minds and before the candy and cupcakes!)


they kinda look like sheep(dogs)…

Sometimes as adults, decisions are hard.  We made the decision a while ago to stay here in Louisiana for Easter this year since there has been so much travel to Texas in the last few months for weddings and LTYM (awesome reasons but LOTS of road miles).  Frankly I probably would have rather been in Texas too.  I am used to big family gatherings on major holidays, I just am.  And I love them.  It is how I was raised and I like for my children to experience the same.  But, since moving to a different state and being less geographically convenient to family these days, I’ve had to learn that sometimes it is alright to just chill at our own home and be with our little family.

And so that is what we did.  We baked and cooked and churched and hunted eggs all on our own.

The church part is a pretty big deal for me at Easter.  Despite not having my full voice, due to a little respiratory infection, I still sang at the Easter Vigil evening mass.  How could I miss the big anthem after all that practice? (I couldn’t).  And then Sunday we went to church as a family and sat in the second row.  I heard the same sermon twice but that is okay.  Maybe it soaked in better that way.  This sinner is just so thankful for the risen Lord.  So powerful.  So redeeming.

I don’t talk about religion here very much but this season calls for it.  As a Catholic, Easter continues for several days now and even though the chocolates and jelly beans will soon be gone, celebrating the Resurrection continues on and on…

No matter what you believe, this time of year is for renewal, for new birth – both outside  my home office window (hello birdies and blooms!) and inside my soul.


We are still enjoying ours…




































  1. So I was Catholic for a long time – my parents are immigrants and Catholic is what it is in the Islands. I was just telling someone how bizarre yet comforting some of the traditions were, especially growing up and going to Catholic school. The stations of the cross is one such really weird, but strangely comforting memory…
    Cheri @ Overactive Blogger recently posted…Easter Sunday OOTD + my little spill…My Profile

  2. It looks perfectly awesome! And those cupcakes are seriously great. I need to make those.
    Tamara recently posted…I Got A Room At The Top Of The World Tonight.My Profile

  3. You were all together, that’s what really matters! Great pictures, looked like the kids had fun!
    Alison recently posted…20 Things I Believe InMy Profile

  4. I can definitely relate to not being with family. Although David’s family lives near us, mine are all at least 4-5 hours away and we have this HUGE barrier in between us called HOUSTON! No one wants to cross over into this part of the country because they have to navigate the hours of traffic to get here.

    So, sometimes it can get too quiet, when you’re used to a big family.
    Debbie recently posted…Growing Up in The Hill CountryMy Profile

  5. when you’re used to doing it BIG, it’s definitely weird and different doing it smaller scale. I’m glad you guys enjoyed regardless. And for the record my kids were offthehook too. Even my 7yo had a HUGE meltdown…anyway. The picture of the three in their Easter finery is just too cute. xx
    sarah reinhart recently posted…a birth plan, a belly cast, and the home birth setupMy Profile

  6. I know how it feels to be away from family on Holidays. You can have a nice celebration but it is’t the same as what you are used to, It looks like everyone had a lovely weekend, though.
    Your photos are gorgeous!
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted…WonderMy Profile

  7. Great pics! Looks like a super fun day and that shot of them all dressed up? So lovely!

  8. I know you missed your family and the big family gathering, but it looks like you had a perfectly lovely Easter at home. The pic of your kids all dressed up is just gorgeous. As are all the other pics. So pretty.
    I just love Holy Week. A lot of masses and singing but it is just so rejuvenating. Allelujah!!!
    Happy Easter!
    Kat recently posted…EasterMy Profile

  9. Looks like a fun filled Easter weekend…it was just our family of four this weekend as well and sometimes it’s nice to be just us. Happy belated Easter!
    Natalie recently posted…Some Weeks Call for a BreatherMy Profile

  10. I love the picture with G’s front teeth missing, so cute. Happy Easter!
    Julia recently posted…5 Favorite Vegetarian RecipesMy Profile

  11. First of all, those cupcakes are ridiculously adorable! Secondly, your children are TOTALLY adorable! I know exactly what you mean about wishing you were somewhere, especially on a major holiday.-Ashley

  12. Those cupcakes are adorable!

    While my kids want to be in Texas for all things holiday, I am much more content being here at home with just our family doing our thing. I like the relaxes laid back part of it all!
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? recently posted…The single most important lesson I learned at Disney Social Media Moms 2014My Profile

  13. Oh, how I know the feeling of beaming myself somewhere else! I know it so well, especially for the holidays.

    When the kids were little-little I mourned not giving them their huge family celebrations that we had as children since all of our families are far away. We recreate it with local family friends, which has been just as good.
    Andrea recently posted…What Happened Here?My Profile