Dusting off the blog & Miss Elaine-ous Monday

This is probably absolutely THE longest break I’ve taken from blogging since like 2009.  Or 2008.

It’s the truth, Ruth.

Kinda sad, huh?

It’s sort of funny the stages one goes through when deciding/needing/taking said break.

First is the “Ah man, I totally need a break from my blog and twitter and FB!  I’m gonna do it!”

The second stage is “I’m taking a break, I’m really doing it, I can totally do this (meanwhile asking yourself “where’s my phone?” and thinking,  “Quick I can tweet this!”)

Third stage is turning off your computer all the way and accepting that a break is a REALLY good thing.

Stage four is “Oh my Gawd, I haven’t posted in DAYS this means NO ONE is looking at my blog or reading it because the same thing has been there FOREVER and Oh NO! they are going to forget about me and no one is going to remember ‘The Miss Elaine-ous Life’, WHATHAVEIDONE?!?!?!?!?!?”

And, stage five is….

“Guess I need to get on the ole blog and do a post.”  *dusts off lap top*

Seriously, the break was awesome, and much needed.

Although my waistline might disagree.

I call this the “Piefecta” :-)

Amazingly enough I still manged to run 10 miles for my training on Saturday, although my legs almost felt like they were going to fall off when I was done.  Probably because I was carrying the extra weight of a “food baby” with me. Ahem.

We had a great time with our friends while they were here and the kids all acted just like siblings.  I’m sure you can imagine what that means…

The two dark-headed ones are not mine.  As if you couldn’t guess… 
italics p.s. I super puffy heart this photo

But of course life must resume back to “normal” (whatever that means) so let’s give Monday a big ole wet kiss on the face!  Whadaya say? Won’t you join me?

It’s Miss-Elaine-ous Monday once again!

Remember, ANY “miss elaine-ous” post will do, something from your archives or something brand new! :) 

Do you have a post that meant a lot to you but wasn’t read by as many folks as you’d hoped? Or one that has great pictures and you want more people to see them? Or do you just have one that you really want to share!?

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Miss Elaine-ous Monday

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  1. Welcome back :) Glad to hear you got yourself a much-needed break and now ready to get back to your ol’ blog :)

    Here’s to a great start for you, and to show my support by linking up with Miss Elaine-ous Monday!

  2. A break is always good. I think EVERYONE took breaks from laptops and phones anyway, so no one was online to miss anyone 😉

  3. We could never forget about you. :) glad you had a good time!

  4. Swoon for a break and seriously swoon for your photos! *Love!* xo

  5. Glad you had a great weekend. I think we all enjoyed a break. And the food looks fabulous!

  6. Oh….emm…gee! Look at G in that picture…he cracks me up!

    It is a great picture!

    PS…i would love a piece of your pecan pie. Pretty please?

  7. Dude, you would have to take a 5 month long break and I would still be all, where is Elaine, I miss her!

    The piefecta…oh my word. Someday I am coming down there to eat me some of that pecan pie!

    And G in that picture…LOVE it!

  8. Good to see you back. I’ve been gone for many days also. I think I lost my twitter.

  9. Time away is good for the soul. Glad you were able to unplug.

  10. That IS a pic to have a super puffy heart for! What a great shot!

    10 miles? Wow. That’s fab. I’m sick of eating. I swear I found myself eating just for the sake of eating.

    I’m done with it all.

    Till dinner anyway.

  11. Welcome back! But it was only a week….. I was on vacation, so I really didn’t know you had taken a break. Sad, huh? Looks like you had a lovely break and Thanksgiving!

  12. That pie-fecta looks pretty yummy.

  13. I’m so glad you had a good holiday and got a little break!

  14. Breaks are needed sometimes!

  15. I took a little down time this weekend, too! It was nice!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. And, major props for running 10 miles:)

  16. Welcome back! I’ve been hit or miss in the blog world myself.
    I think we all have a food baby right now….’tis the season!

  17. I’m glad you took the time for a break! Your pies look so yummy. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I can’t believe you can run 10 miles. That is amazing!!