Dreaming of a full night’s sleep…

Sometimes motherhood smacks you in the face. I kinda feel liked I’ve been smacked around a lot lately. I have some emotional bruises to prove it. My kids may too. But I hope they are healed by the hugs and kisses I dole out and the jokes we tell and the times we spend playing or building together.


I’m tired right now. EVERY night my Little G wakes up to go pee or has already peed, if you get my drift. I’ve now washed his entire set of bedding (which includes a comforter/duvet thingy that has to be reassembled…) two days in a row. And Tim has been a huge help in the middle of the night, usually getting up with him but I still wake up. It’s like having an infant again.

And I’m not sure why he’s regressed in this area. So then I do start to wonder. What’s up with him that he’s wearing a pull-up again tonight, after MONTHS without them?  What have I done wrong?

I promised myself I’d be more patient, understanding. With both of us.  But sometimes it’s SO hard.

I fussed at the boys tonight because they were up in their room, making noise much past bedtime and I know they need their rest. And lately, anytime I fuss at him, The B Man says to me “You don’t like me!”  But it’s SO not true. Of course I like him. I love him so, so much.

But I’m tired.

The other night Little G did sleep through, without getting up until about 6:00 a.m. It was like the first time one of our babies “slept through the night”. Tim and I looked at each other in bed, with new clarity of a full night’s sleep and he said to me, “oh thank goodness he slept all night.”

This morning I put the clean bedding back on his bed again while he was at school and Baby K was napping. When I was done I lay down on it and smelled the lingering scent of my little boy as I drifted off for a few minutes.

I love them all so much. But sometimes this Mama gig is a bit tough. Right now I think sleep would help a lot though so, goodnight…  I can only hope that we all sleep tight…


  1. Wow – that’s awesome that he’s “night trained”. Noah wakes up wet every.single.morning except one time. So he wears a pull up.
    I guess there’s downsides to both being night trained or still having to shell out $ for diapers/pull ups.
    Hope you get more sleep soon! :)

  2. It really is tough. And just when things are rolling along smoothly, you come across yet another bump in the road.
    You just roll with it, and do the best you can. I feel like I spend so much time during the week fussing at my kids about homework and going to bed, but then on the weekends we are so much more relaxed and have fun. So I just hope they remember those times more, and understand the difference.

  3. Parenting is a neverending “test” of strength and patience that I have failed at many times.

    Just take it day by day and praise yourself for just getting through it!


  4. I completely understand. Claire has been getting up in the middle of the night for no reason at all then to tell me that she doesn’t like her bed anymore. And then some nights Quinn gets up too and its worse than when we had infants.

    I am exhausted.

    If they only knew we’d be much better tempered mommy’s if they’d let us sleep.

  5. What’s with these toddlers lately? I think they know we were getting a nice night of sleep, so they wanted to change things up for us.

    Hoping you got a good night’s sleep.

    (PS My washing machine has been busier than when I had a newborn with daily poop-slosions!)

  6. I SOOOOOO hear you Mama. My kids just don’t think that sleep is important, never have. Amelia used to, but since daylight savings hit, she is waking up at 6:30-6:45 every morning. It is making me crazy.
    She is in pull-ups every night still. She’s been potty trained for 2 years now, just can’t get that nighttime thing down. I keep telling myself it will come, but dang is it annoying (especially when Jeremy forgets to put a pullup on her and she pees the bed).
    Here is wishing for sleep for you sweet friend.

  7. Oh booo, I’m so sorry Elaine. Here’s sending you happy, restful thoughts!

  8. Sleep? What is this strange verb you speak of? I assumed I would lack sleep until they are older – but then lose it again when they are teens and I am waiting up for them? ugh.

  9. It is tough, even with a good night’s sleep. I think a lot of kids go back and forth with having pull ups and then not having pull ups overnight – don’t be hard on yourself, he’ll get there in the end. Here’s hoping restful nights are in your near future.

  10. I get this. Both of mine need to be night trained (yes, even the six year old, we have a bed wetter). I’m going to do it this summer when she is out of school so the lack of sleep won’t be so bad for them. I’m not really looking forward to it, but I know it needs to be done.

  11. Yup. It is rough. No doubt about it.

    I just watched “The Kids Are Alright” last night and saw myself a bit too much in the nagging mom. It was not nice. There is so much I want to do better at, and yet at the same time I do realize I am too hard on myself at times. This is just such an important gig that we allow ourselves few mistakes. Thankfully, our kids are much more forgiving.

    Everything is worse when you aren’t getting sleep. This is just a phase. It too shall pass. Hang in there! :)