It was really hot and humid here on Friday.  But then, on Saturday morning as Tim and I chatted up the folks setting up the party bounce house, I realized how nice it was out.  The Outdoor Party Gods (meaning the big man Himself) smiled down on us and granted us THE. PERFECT. weather for a mid-May shin-dig.  Or dino-dig.  Whichever.  

There was a last minute homemade birthday banner for the back porch. (these ideas come to me LATE at night or EARLY in the morning. It’s the only time I have to think!)
As well as the aforementioned bounce house.
And yes, a dino-dig…. or in this case a “grab out of the sand”.  Hey, the kids were happy so it was all good.

And there was made from scratch, no substitutions 6 sticks of butter total Dinosaur cake.  Yeah, it was GOOOOOOD.  (I could have totally used more Os in that “Good.”)

Oh and Tim made some rockin’ barbeque ribs and chicken.  No pics.  We ate it too fast. 😉

G was most exited about the cake and blew out his candle like a champ but in the end, all he wanted was his ice cream cup.  Go fig. 

And thanks to everyone for the awesome pressies – he had to play with every single one before he went to bed Saturday night and…

…wear this wonderfully cute shirt that one of my sweet friends made for him, all day today, on his actual birthday.

Today we took the birthday boy our for lunch and then an ice cream cone.  I’d say he had a pretty good weekend of celebrating.  As it should be.

Here’s to hoping four is a great year for our Little G! (who’s not so little anymore…)

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  1. Looks like an awesome party! You both are adorable, btw. :)

  2. Ooh I love the cake! 😀 Gavin looks adorable. 😀 I’m now following you. Hope you get a chance to visit my Mommy and Me Monday entry: http://flippertail.blogspot.com/2011/05/mommy-me-monday-hair-pulling.html

  3. So adorable! (I typed that first and then read back and realized it was was comment word of choice!) I love all your little details!

    That is a fantastic photo of you and your little man!

  4. I love the party, it looks like so much fun. The cake was awesome.
    It sounds like your little man had a wonderful birthday weekend.
    I need to start planning my daughter’s 5th – the pressure!

  5. Oh man, I want a piece of that cake really, really badly. It looks amazing!

  6. The cake is so cute. Good job Momma!

    And the weather was superb this weekend. We were in Vinton down by the river and I couldn’t believe how fantastic it was. And a non-hot May birthday is definitely a blessing from above.

  7. So adorable! Happy birthday to your little man!

  8. What a cute little guy! And the cake is awesome!!

  9. Send my greeting to your kid’o, he looks so cute with that yellow shirt. Mine is here SAHM’s Online Diary, thanks!

  10. Blogger ate my comment (I think)! I can’t believe he is four! And I love the Texas shout-out with the Blue Bell. Barbecue and cake? Yes please!

  11. can you make that same cake with a 31 on top? I’ll need it in 3 weeks please and thank you. :) i big puffy heart dinosaurs.

  12. That is SUCH a fabulous picture of you two!

    And I’m 100% serious when I tell you that MADELYN wants a dino birthday for her upcoming #3!

  13. CUTE! And so, so much fun!

    Also? I can so relate to the early morning/ late at night ideas! Thats how I roll, too!

    Love it lady!


  14. Happy 4th Birthday! Great job on the party – the cake looks fantastic. That shirt is adorable. My oldest is a huge fan of dinos and the wheels are turning in my head how I could incorporate his name like that on a shirt.

  15. The cake is pure awesomeness! And the pics….fabulous!!!! Good job Momma!!

  16. Love that last shot, what a wonderful party!

    Mommy and Me at my page, please come and see.

  17. What a fabulous party!

    And I LOVE the cake.

  18. He is just beyond adorable.

  19. I made that (almost) same cake for Natey for his 2nd birthday! check it out ( http://scampolifamily.blogspot.com/2009/06/you-say-its-your-nateys-birthday.html )I’m glad the weather cooperated. It is such a pain when you have an outside birthday and the weather stinks. I’m holding out hope for nice weather next month for Nate’s monster party! :)

  20. Wow! Now that sounds like a GREAT birthday party! :)
    Fab job on the cake!!!! :)

  21. That is AWESOME. All of it.

    I will be 35 in July, please be in charge of my party.

    And that’s a great shot of the two of you. :)

  22. What a great party. The cake is super cute.

    And, a fabulous shot of the two of you!