Date Night & Miss Elaine-ous Monday

Tim and I were finally able to rectify this last week’s horribleness with a night out alone on Saturday evening.

My parents were kind enough to wrangle the kids and put them to bed while we galivanted around this little city of ours.  
We dined at a lovely, local restaurant that takes pride in making their meals from local resources, also known as a “farm to table” practice, and my meal was delicious.  
And then after dinner?  We went furniture shopping.  I know. SO romantic. 
Actually in a way, it was… 
See, we are in the market for a new bed.  A king-sized one.  
For some reason my husband is tired of only having a few inches of the bed in which to sleep.
And I’ve grown tiresome (LONG ago) of trying to relocate some certain 4 year old that finds himself snuggled up against me somewhere between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m.  
It is what it is. 
PLUS!  Other changes are afoot since it’s pretty much time for “baby” K to have her own, no-crib bed as well.  
All this to say, we tried out a few beds last night on our date.  But don’t worry, we just laid on them.  Fully clothed.  And with a saleswoman looking on. 
We’re pretty sure we found the one we want and yes, it comes with a remote and 25 year warranty.  What can I say, we’re getting older.  We know what we want.  And don’t want. 
Of course the fun part in all of this is that I also get to pick out a new bed and bedding! 
Albeit a tad stressful too… There are SO many choices out there.  But I’ll muddle through, somehow…
Thanks to my parents for loving our children and us enough to know mattress shopping, dinner, dessert and a trip to Barnes & Noble was much needed. 
I’m pretty sure they had a good time at their first Laffy Mardi Gras parade the night before too… despite the rain.  
Wishing they could have stayed longer… 

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  1. Oh, buying a good bed (and mattress!) is SO important!!! Glad you had fun!

  2. Oh man, date night….what’s that?? Ha! And a new bed to boot! Sounds like win-win! :)

  3. If you ask me any night out, alone with the hubby, is a special one. I actually think the less planned out more “mundane” nights our are the best date nights.

    And hooray for farm to table restaurants!! I’m a big fan of eating/buying local whenever possible.

    Have a great Monday!!!

  4. Sounds like date night success! Love!

  5. A new bed sounds like so much fun! We desperately need to do that. I can’t think of much more romantic than searching for a new bed…perfect date night!

  6. You will LOVE your king size bed. Seriously. We purchased one before we had our son. I’ll never forget waking up after that first night. My husband looked at me and said, “I need a map to find you. This is great!!” Not the most romantic, but my philosphy is that good sleep enhances romance. :) So does date night, even if it’s dinner and furniture shopping.

  7. We got a King bed about 3 years ago and will never go back. Now if we’re out of town and sleep on a Queen, we wonder how we survived so long! Ha!

  8. Bed shopping is not quite as fun as it sounds. At least that’s my experience. Furniture shopping? Love. Mattress shopping? Not so much.

  9. Oh I am glad you guys got out! Is it bad that I don’t want to move Astrid out of her crib yet either? xo

  10. I’m glad you got your night out to make up for being sick on Valentine’s day. New beds are awesome!

  11. Yea for date nights!! We have a Cal King and love it- but my husband is also 6’8″ and so we need it. So nice when grandma and grandpa are in town to help out

  12. I was so happy when we got a king bed…and hat was before we had any kids! We got a Tempurpedicand I can’t sleep on anything else anymore!

  13. Glad you had a night out! I’d love to get a new bed. I need a bigger one to make room for the little ones who crawl in there with me at night!

  14. We had a date night on Saturday night, too! It was so needed, and so good.

    We have a King sized bed. Love it. :)