“Dank Oooh!”

That’s K’s way of saying “Thank You”. It’s the cutest thing on the planet.  She’ll say it after I give her something.  And then sometimes I say “kiss” and she pursers her lips and I lay one on her and then she smiles and says, “Dank Oooh!”

Okay, maybe THAT’S the cutest thing on the planet.

She’s 18 months old today.

She’s definitely full of sugar and spice. And spunk. And personality.

She always charms people in public when she flashes that sweet smile of hers. And her bright blue eyes.
I think she’s just casting her spell on them… 

She also has just a leetle bit of attitude at times.  Yes, already.  I have a feeling I may be seeing this pose in my future.  A lot.

She’s also learned the word “mine” which is also cute but not nearly as much.

She, she she….

Is my sweet baby girl that makes my heart burst with love on the daily. 

Eighteen months. Sheesh.


  1. OK, every time I see a photo of your daughter, it’s so crazy — I babysat for a family starting when I was 12 until … well, we’ve kind of adopted each other. They’re the family I have that I got to choose. Out of the four kids, I’m probably closest to kid No. 3, the older girl. When I started babysitting her she was 2 (she’s graduating high school this year, yikes) and she looked so, so much like Baby K, it’s eerie. Happy bday, baby girl!

  2. You’ve got one adorable little girl, that’s for sure!! that’s the way my son used to say thank you, too!!

  3. She is so stinkin’ cute.

    And you’re definitely in for it. : )

  4. I can’t believe she is 18 months! Really, wow.

    I have so LOVED watching her grow up. :)

  5. She is so, so cute.

  6. How is she eighteen months? HOW???

    (Saw this this morning and then got pulled away from the Internet. Have been thinking that above thought ever since. It’s crazy!)

  7. Didn’t you *just* have her, like, last week?!?!

  8. Loved this. My son is 20 months, and I have similar feelings.

  9. Awww. What a little sweet (and sassy) pea! Just a doll.
    And this is just the BEST age isn’t it? I wish I could freeze them right here. :)

  10. Eighteen months IS a big deal! Happy 18 months to you both!

  11. Oh my gosh, so sweet. Yep, girls are a whole different ball game. My boys are sweet yet wild and my daughters are full of attitude. Happy 18 months to both of you!

  12. So precious. And I suspect all girls have a little bit of attitude. I know I did.

    Do you feel like your little girl is different from the boys? If anything, you get to dress them in adorable dresses like that one up there.