Circles – You Capture

My Bead for Life necklace that I adore…

A camellia in the middle of it’s blooming process…

A random ball in the backyard.  Circles upon a circle…



  1. Loving your pictures, Elaine! You’re such a good photographer!

  2. Love them

  3. Great shots! The ball one is so abstract looking and love the flower!

  4. Love that last one the best…and that flower…mainly because I am now buried under 7 inches of snow!!!

  5. Love ALL of these shots! Each one got better, but overall, that flower is just beautiful!

  6. Love the interesting depth of field on the bead picture, beautiful.

  7. Oh great pictures! I just love the first one!

  8. I found you via You Capture – lovely, lovely photos!

  9. That camellia is just lovely. What a pretty thing to see on this cold winter day. Brrrrrrrr! Love it!

  10. Wow, nothing will be blooming here for quite a while! Great shots!

  11. You take such awesome picture. :)

  12. Beautiful shots!

  13. These are all fabulous photos! The light looks just right on the ball and the camillia is beautiful.

  14. LOVE your shots this week. That first one is gorgeous. Love the perspective.

  15. Oh the lighting in the last one is so pretty!

    I always say I should do this and then never do…

  16. Not sure which one I love most. The ball is waaay cool. But the color of the necklace with the macro effect is beautiful.

  17. I love the perspective on the necklace!

  18. Great shots, I love the necklace!

  19. Gorgeous! I especially love the vivid colors in these pictures!

  20. So artistic! So creative! So beautiful! Isn’t it amazing what can be found in the mundane everyday stuff that fills our lives?!

  21. These are such lovely circles. Love that ball -the lighting is AWESOME 😀

  22. Wonderful circles! I love the varied subjects and their colors and their clarity!

  23. Love your choices! That is an awesome shot of the wiffle ball!

  24. I love your captures and am just the teeniest bit jealous that you are somewhere where there is a flower as we hit 24 below windchills!

  25. The picture of the ball is gorgeous. What is it sitting on?

  26. Look at how beautiful that flower is!!

  27. Woah! That flower is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see flowers again. It is -5 degrees here today. Boo.

  28. Beautiful pics! Love the necklace!

  29. Beautiful shots! Cool necklace!