Beaucoup de Chiens

Have you ever seen such a beautiful Queen?

Yep, that’s right, Mardi Gras is already in full swing here in Cajun Country and my living room is littered with the cheap, colorful beads and other crap “throws” to prove it.  When we move from here someday, parades will NEVER be the same for my kids.  EVER.

Last Saturday the festivities began with the Krewe de Chiens parade.  For those of you who do not know Cajun French, that means the dog parade.  I didn’t want to miss this one because the kids love it but I only took the boys since it was right in the middle of K’s nap and a bit chilly, even for us.

It was a lot of fun and it’s always so cute to see the dogs all decked out and riding in style.

Here’s a few more snaps to prove were were there… 😉

 I think this gal gives the queen a run for her money…
 Taking it all in…

 Wonder when her next ballet class begins. 

 This is Annabelle and her Daddy.  I only know because her parents said her name a million times.  We do not know her.  And I asked permission to take her picture.  LOVE that curly, red hair! 

The B Man was MOST excited about his “De Blooms”!

 My boys each ended up with a girl at their side before it was all said and done.  Typical. 
Lots o’ Dogs!!  

 King Gumbo – LOVE it, ha ha ha!

Still reaching for beads at the end of it all, even though he’s covered in them… 

We also went to the Krewe of Carnivale en Rio parade that evening in 40 degree temps (with a wind chill in the 30’s) which is cold for us Southerners.  We watched a movie in the van for a bit, waiting for the floats to show up and I only took a couple of pics with my phone.  It was cold and late and K was shivering by the end of it all but we still had fun.  Awww, the Mardi Gras memories…



  1. That white dog is so pretty! And I love the “de blooms”! We’re going on a Disney cruise next month and Andrew asked if we were going to get to make sand castles with Jake – ha!
    I think the parades would be the best thing about living in Louisiana. Enjoy!

  2. Ohmygoodness, you! So much fun!! I love your photos and had to laugh at your boys, with the girls, and your caption! :)

  3. Looks so fun! Love the one of B looking so astonished at what he just caught! We have a dog parade in BR too, but I’ve never been. I can’t believe mardi gras is almost here already. My boys are off all of next week!

  4. fun-filled parade! great photos too

  5. Calling by as another this or that participant, it looks like everyone had a good time at Mardi Gras.

  6. How many dogs did you have to flash for al of those beads. LOL. I am totally kidding, but I just had to say it! 😉

  7. So fun and great pictures! You really captured the spirit of the festival.

  8. What a cool think to be a part of with your family. Love it!

  9. How fun! Despite the cold. Something I’ve never experienced, but have always wanted to!

  10. Oh my, totally fell in love with that French Bulldog in a tutu…tutu cute!


  11. That looks like so much fun!! It seems like a really great place to live!

  12. Love it! Krewe de Chiens has always been one of my most favorite Lafayette parades! LOVE!