Cereal Anyone? [me] & goji Giveaway

Do you like cereal? Well, I LOVE cereal and quite honestly, breakfast in general. And during the week the best thing for me to have in the morning is a bowl of cereal because it’s easy, tasty and fast.

Unfortunately many of the cereals that are offered at the grocery store (even the “health” food stores) aren’t very good for us. There’s A LOT of sugar and of course plenty of preservatives.

That’s why I was most excited to have an email in my inbox recently from Adam with [me] & goji, a company that makes custom cereal with all natural and organic ingredients. And the coolest part? YOU can choose exactly what you want to go in your cereal including 60 or so different ingredients. We’re talking anything from almonds to golden raisins to gluten-free flakes.

I had so much fun going to their site, choosing my ingredients and even giving the cereal a unique name – Gavin’s Granola! You can also put a photo on the container if you wish, although I didn’t do that (SO wishing I had!) I started with the “golden granola” and then added some barely flakes, cinnamon, cashews, cranberries and walnuts and even pumpkin seeds. And I really LIKE “Gavin’s” Granola (that’s actually been MINE!) so much. And, re-ordering is a snap since each custom cereal comes with a recipe id that can be typed in on the site and instantly recreated. How sweet is that?

Also, the cereal comes in this wonderful round container that I plan to recycle, perhaps for toys or a even gift. There was on idea on the [me] & goji blog to put wrapping paper around it and then use it to store cookies inside and give as a gift. Love that!

The cereal starts at $4.90 and comes pretty well “equipped” for about $11.00. You may think that sounds pricey but the container holds 2-3 times more than your regular cereal box. Not to mention you get all natural, organic, healthy and delicious cereal. And just in case you are not keen on creating your own cereal, the site has many pre-mixed recipes as well, including some geared towards kids.

I’ve chatted with both Adam and Alexander personally on email and they are really nice guys, running a great company that even contributes to charity. And even Oprah thinks so! 😉

So, I’m quite thrilled to share this product with you all and am so grateful that they are offering a FREE container of cereal that includes a unique name and a personalized photo for one of you lucky ducks!

Here’s how to enter to win:

1) For first entry, go on over to [me] & goji and check it out. Then come back and tell me which cereal ingredient you’d most like to try and what you might name your mix.

2) For a second entry follow @meandgoji on twitter and tweet this giveaway. Leave a link to your tweet in a separate comment.

3) For a third entry become a fan of [me] and goji on Facebook and come back and let me know in another separate comment.

This giveaway will run through this Friday, March 26th and end at 11:59 p.m. CST. I will find a winner via Random.org on Saturday.

Open to U.S. residents only.

Please make sure you leave your email in the comments or that it’s on your profile so that I can contact you if you should win.

I’m so happy for the winner already. This stuff is so GOOD!

Now I will sign off, as Adam and Alexander do on every email and on their blog.

Sincerealy yours… (isn’t that awesome?)


Disclosure: [me] & goji provided me with one free container of their custom cereal in exchange for the honest opinions I’ve given in this post as well as one container as a give away for one of my readers. I was not paid for this post.


  1. I’m drooling after reading this! YUM!

    I would LOVE to have cashews in my own custom cereal.

    This is such a cool idea!

  2. I would put the strawberry and banana in with granola…that sounds yummy! What a cute idea!

  3. Neat Idea. I like the strawberries and the choco goji. Anything covered in chocolate would be fine by me!

  4. I love cereal and I love this idea!! I would use the cocoa almonds, FOR SURE! I have been chowing on cocoa almonds for a few weeks now and can’t get enough!

  5. Here’s my Twitter Post!

    Free box of Me and Goji artisanal Cereal from The Miss Elaineous Life http://ow.ly/1pP2Y @elainea Please RT

  6. Here’s my facebook entry. Can you tell I really want to try this??? :)

    Kim became a fan of [me] & goji. · Comment · Like

  7. okay, now that is really cool stuff!! wouldn’t it be a kick for a kid to see their own name on the box?! I looove pistachios but have never seen them in cereal…that’s what I’d want to try!

  8. I’m a follower on FB. :)

  9. Oh raspberries..definitely raspberries. And I’d call it “Krystyn’s mix” because I’m creative like that.
    reallyareyouserious at gmail dot com

  10. I became a fan on FB!

  11. I would start with the Healthy Hoops and call it Feeding the Masses. 😉

  12. cashews…who wouldn’t want cashews in the morning?! and i would name it nuts for ‘nanas!!

  13. no idea how to link to the single tweet, so I copied and pasted what I posted!!

    RT @meandgoji

    want to win some free cereal? http://ow.ly/1qgVR

  14. On and I follow @meandgoji!! in fact that is how I found this contest and retweeted their link to it to post the contest!!

    thanks, they make such yummy cereal options!!

  15. What a cool idea! Almonds and cranberries would be delicious, but I might try one of the many ingredients I’ve never even heard of!


  16. I would love to try the GF Goji Oats with Goji and Macadamias! No clue what I’d name it though! “Gluten-Free Goddess Cereal”? lol :)

  17. I’m following me and goji on twitter @the_vegster

  18. I’m a facebook fan too

  19. flaxed and flaked (GF), multigrain flakes, strawberry, flax, cashew = Strawberry Nut Fusion

  20. HUGE FB Fan!!

  21. I wouldn’t have claimed to be a cereal fan, but this sounds fabulous! I’d try chocolate, bananas and almonds. (Drooling at the thought). Of course, with the way the hubby goes through cereal around here, I’d probably have to call it, “MY cereal. Go create your own”.

  22. did you know they have chocolate chips you can add! yum yum. but i would like to have cereal with pistachios and soy nuts and walnuts.