Celebrating Mothers

Motherhood: One of THE most challenging and rewarding jobs ever.

(my words)

I know, you’ve read and heard it a million times.  It’s totally cliche, but it’s true, true, TRUE.  There is just no denying it.

My own mother raised (in company with my father) three boys and a girl.  She cooked, cleaned and even worked part time so that she and I could have “fun money” to shop, etc.

She raised us to be religious, strong, courageous and responsible.  She kept us aware of our ancestral background and valued FAMILY above all things.  And still does.  She’s amazing in the kitchen and cooking and baking are her love languages. 😉

At church, maybe at my first reconciliation…?  circa 1982 or 83

She also ensured that I would love to travel and adore the ocean, just like her.  Whether she meant to or not, she did.

Sure, she and I had a few rough spots while I was growing up, especially in high school when she was not all that keen on my boyfriend senior year.  I mean how could she not like the boy I was going to marry?!?! (snort).  Mother DOES know best… 😉

But even then her love for me never faltered.

I heard she cried for a few days after she and my Dad dropped me off at college.  My brother Larry told me once that she was a mess.  I kinda was too.  I missed my Dad but I really missed my Mommy, especially when I had strep throat and she was not there to comfort me.  We spoke on the phone every Sunday evening, without fail and kept it up pretty much the entire 4 years.

I love my Mother so much, and am so blessed by her in my life.  There are really no words for all she has done for me and my brothers and even her daughter-in-laws, son-in-law and grandchildren.  Even extended family and friends.  The list goes on.  She’s amazing.

So, I asked other people to tell me something lovely about their own mother on my Facebook page and here are ALL the responses.  I can only hope that my children will someday look back with admiration on the way I mothered them, as these “children” (many now mothers themselves) do theirs…

From my friend Kim of Prairie Mama:

“My Mom is so great.  She loves her grandkids and I think her favorite thing in the world is spending time with them.”

From my friend Thea:

“My mom had a from the gut, no holds barred laugh that made you laugh, too… even if you had no idea what you were laughing about.”

From my friend Haley:

“I love that she can always pull me out of a rut and cheer me up, no matter how bad things may seem at the time.  I enjoy her company more than anything.”

My friend Colleen says:

“She saved our lives, literally.  My brothers and I owe her everything for the courage she mustered to leave our very abusive, violent and drug addicted biological father.  My life as I know it only exists because of her bravery. I love my Mom.”


And my friend Julia says:

“She’s my best friend and confidant.  She’s the first person I call when I need advice or want to go shopping.”

And another friend, Susan says:

“I learned how to be a mother from my mom.  She is a great example!”

From my friend Teri:

“My mom never said an unkind word about anyone.  I didn’t realize it ’til after she passed away a year ago.  My hope is to follow in her footsteps.”

And my friend Carolyn says:

“She always made sure we sat down around the table for dinner and caught each other up on our days.  I loved that interaction.”

That’s Carolyn with the read hair. :) 

My college bestie, Corrie says:

“In a day and age where less is more and we should all seek to be clutter free, I love that my mother stays true to her sentimentalities.  It’s fascinating to see what triggers happy memories for her, and I’m glad that my childhood is a reoccurring theme within that.  Those were indeed blessed times.”

My Austinite friend, Kristin says:

“My mom is strong.  She’s only 5 feet tall, but she is an Italian tornado and she’s not afraid to tell you what she thinks.  I have always admired her ability to speak up.”

Kristin is on the left.

My friend at RedHead Baby Mama says:

My mom does SO MUCH for other people, even if they aren’t close, or she isn’t too fond of them – she strives to be the best person she can be, and is a perfect role model!

And my girlfriend from Texas, Brittany, says:

“My mom is so incredibly selfless.  After my grandfather died (her dad) all she cared about was her mom, me and others. She gives so much of herself.  She also is incredibly patient.  I wish I had even an ounce of her patience.  She is a wonderful mother and best friend! I wouldn’t be the mom I am without her guidance, support, and love.  I am truly blessed!”

My friend from high school, Carrie says:

“I love that my mom has taught me the true meaning of being a fighter.  She has battled leukemia and the effects of her treatment of it for seven years.  She is basically homebound.  While most people would use that as an excuse to veg out each day she gets up, showers, puts on make up and gets dressed.  All to sit in her home.  To do so causes her pain, but she says that to not do so would allow her to wallow in self pity.  Her body may be failing her, but her spirit and her feisty zeal for life endures.  I love that my daughters can see her great example of what a strong mind and spirit can get accomplished.”

And my friend since college, Ellen says:

“My mom has a lot of opinions and she isn’t afraid to share them.  As a teenager I didn’t really appreciate her wisdom.  I remember after a boyfriend and I broke up and got back together, we broke up again.  I was crying saying how stupid I was and she held my face and said, “You are never stupid for loving somebody.” She busts out little gems all the time.  As an adult, and as a mother of my own 3 kids, I appreciate her wisdom even more now. She recently told me I needed to start drinking wine!”

And my sweet blogging friend Kathryn says:

My mom lives her life by example.  She always assumes the best from poeple. She gives freely, loves deeply and forgives quickly.  She is the first one to point out that she isn’t perfect, tells you the mistakes she’s made and doesn’t judge others by their mistakes. It is obvious to everyone who meets her that she is guided by her faith and tries to love as Jesus asked us to. I know many women cringe when someone says that they are just like their mother but that would be the ultimate compliment to me.

I hope we can all celebrate our Mothers this weekend.  They certainly deserve it…

At one of our favorite places, together, in 2008 – “The Coast”

And HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of my Mom friends too!

p.s. many of my friends here mentioned that they do not have enough photos of them with their Moms, let’s change that!  Get in some photos with her as SOON as you can! :) 


  1. What a beautiful post and tribute to mothers, Elaine.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. Oooh I’m wiping the tears. This is just really beautiful.

    PS: I am so in love with you face in that first pic. Big ol’ smile <3

  3. Love you, girly.

  4. Oh Elaine. That is just beautiful. What a tribute to mothers everywhere. I love it. I feel honored to be a part of it.
    Hope you have a most wonderful Mother’s Day!

  5. I told the hubby that my goal this weekend was to get a pic of me with my mom! Happy Mother’s Day girl!

  6. I told the hubby that my goal this weekend was to get a pic of me with my mom! Happy Mother’s Day girl!

  7. I loved this celebration of mothers!! Happy Mother’s Day, my friend. xo

  8. This is AWESOME, Elaine. What a great post. Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. What a wonderful way to celebrate mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. I love this tribute to moms, reading everyone’s words about their moms made me think of all the different things I love about my mom. Thanks for letting me be a part of this : )
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  11. I LOVED this post.
    It’s amazing how much we all owe our mothers and even more amazing that we all know it :)

  12. After all the junk I’ve been reading, this is just what my mama heart needed! I loved seeing some familiar faces on here too!!!
    I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day filled with lots of love and lots of moments captured not only in your heart but on a camera. xo

  13. I loved seeing all these pictures of people with their moms. And the one up there, Elaine, looks like your mom is tickling you ( the one where you’re a little girl). :-)

    This is sweet.

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  15. Beautiful! Happy Mother’s Day, Elaine. xo

  16. I love this post! Beautiful.

  17. Ah…what mom does like their daughter’s boyfriends :)
    I love that you did this. Love. what a great tribute to all of these wonderful Moms.
    I hope that your day was special. xo

  18. That photo shoot location looks heavenly!

  19. I love this so much. My mom taught me to be strong so that I could stand on my on two feet and carry the weight of my family if needed, but that also I can always fall back on her if the load gets too heavy.