“The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down…”

I was looking at the photos in my Instagram feed early Sunday morning before getting the kids ready for church.  As my finger scrolled through, occasionally hitting “like” and making a comment here or there I came across a photo of the New York City skyline and my finger immediately went to “like” it.  I did not even have to read the words below.  My brain immediately said Like.   
Tim was gone for something for work and all the memories of our trip together last December flashed through my mind like a slideshow of wonderful.  And then I thought how much I would love to be there again.  Now.  How a stroll through Central Park would do so much for my soul.
There’s just something about THAT city, you know?  All the life and movement and constant everything.  SO many people there with SO many different lives and dreams and accents. 
The photo also made me think of a couple of my favorite bloggers that live there, Jessica and Illana.  And when I think about them and how they are raising their children in that amazing, hustle and bustle-y place I think, “Why couldn’t I do that too?”  But then I think, there is no way this suburb girl could move her family there and survive.  But Jessica did. She is.
Other times I think what if I had gone there years ago, like I dreamed of, to go to fashion school.  What if I had made that life changing decision?  Well, surely, everything in my life would be different. 
My first trip to NYC was in college.  I drained my savings account for a trip there before my senior year.  It was actually a class I took and we had to work on projects while we were there and I almost got lost the very first day, while touring St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  I was in so much awe of it all and after we were done watching STOMP, off Broadway, I simply didn’t want to leave. EVER.
I remember calling Tim from the payphone on the first floor of our hotel not too far from Times Square and beaming on the phone about how much I loved “this place”.  We’d only been dating for a little while and I remember missing him but thinking how I would love to just up and move there.
But of course I did not.  I stayed “home” and married the love of my life and all things happen for a reason. 
But there is still a part of me that would find living in New York City, even if just for a little while, would be absolutely amazing.  Anyone wanna rent me their apartment for a year?  I think that would probably do it. 
Good thing I get to go back for another visit in August… :) 


  1. Oh how I love NYC! I should really get up there more often (it’s so close to me!) and would love to take the kids up there too.

    And there you go, tempting me with the trip in August again! 😉

  2. Okay, now I REALLY want to go to New York. I can’t BELIEVE my husband lived there for so long and I’ve never been. Crazy.
    I actually feel the same way (as you do about New York) about London. I loved that place. It was magical to me. Todd and I talk about retiring there, and our friend (who lives in the heart of London) laughs at us and says, “people don’t RETIRE IN London. They retire OUT of London.” But to us, London is magic. I have a feeling New York would feel the same way to me, though maybe not the hubby since he lived there so long. 😉
    Love this post!

  3. I dreamt of visiting NYC when I was 18. I made plans and all. Then my mother put a stop to it and said I was too young to go all the way there on my own (she was kinda right).

    In 2008, I finally made it to New York, and declared then it was my favorite place on earth. It was the best 6 days of my life and I still remember each moment.

    It still is one of my favorite places ever and I hope to make it back there before long!

  4. There are no coincidences. I randomly clicked on your link from Heather’s Just Write, and I am in the process of draining our savings account right now to take the whole family to New York. I haven’t been for over twenty years. It will be worth every in-the-red cent.

  5. I have never been to NYC but that is one of the places that I’d love to go and visit.
    My roots here are in Canada…and obviously I couldn’t live there because I don’t have my citizenship 😉

  6. Oh gosh, I want to go there so bad. Someday soon. Awesome that you are going back in August!

  7. One of these times when you’re in the city, we should meet up! New York is definitely a fun town.

  8. Your post reminded me of the movie Family Man with Nicholas Cage, about how our lives would look if we made different choices. You have obviously made the right one, but I think we all need those places to dream about that don’t look like our every day. They inspire us to keep moving forward. My place is London, I just got back a few days ago, been writing about it every since. Amazing how a scroll through Instagram can inspire a whole train of thought isn’t it? Nice to meet you through Just Write.

  9. Wow i was born and raised in NYC and as soon as I hit 16 I moved and never went back lol. Guess you all have seen a side of NYC i haven’t? Sure the museums are great etc but no way I’d go back. Btw almost 40 now.

  10. OK, so does that mean you are officially going to BlogHer? Yeah, um, I suppose I could pay more attention to your sidebar! I am so excited you are going!

  11. There is a definite vibe that you feel when you are there.

  12. I am afraid of getting lost. I;m glad you get to go back.

  13. It really is an amazing city. Last time I went to NYC for BlogHer was the first time I really got to explore the city beyond the museums. I am so looking forward to going this summer and seeing more….and of course meeting AMAZING women like you {insert cheesy grin here}