Boys ‘N Belly

I’ve had the idea for a while that I wanted some professional ‘belly pics’ during this pregnancy. I’ve never had any done before and this time I wanted to do it, if possible. I had my photographer picked out (because she’s awesome and she’s photographed our family twice in the past) until……We moved.

Once we got to La., I looked on-line for someone and found a couple of potential photographers but let’s just say, none of them worked out, including the one who said she could do it last Saturday and then never emailed me again (WTH?). She even has a blog and is really lucky that I am not linking to it. Take that, Missy!

So, at this point, I’ve pretty much accepted that this isn’t going to happen. Which is fine, I don’t really want to shell out the clams for it at this point anyway.


I still wanted some pics of me and the boys and the baby belly, so I enlisted my very reluctant but knows how much it means to me husband to assist in my endeavor. He does not usually like to be behind the camera. It’s just NOT his thing.

So, how’d it go, you ask?

Let me illustrate for you…

At first Little G wanted NOTHING to do with our impromptu photo shoot. But I had asked The B Man earlier in the day if he would be willing to take some pictures with me and he was quite sure that would be just fine with him.

It did however, totally crack me up when he had the notion to lift his shirt as well!

And when Little G realized that belly exposure was a free for all? He was ‘in’ too!

So he scurried on over and began to slap the baby belly…

Which is when I realized that he had a ton of snot leaking out of his nose and proceeded to wipe it with my hand (thanks so much honey for capturing this on the camera for posterity – you really ARE a wonderful photographer!)

He did settle down a little and we were getting closer…
And then the very last shot hubby took was this one below and he declared our session DONE.

Hey, all hands are on deck and everyone’s looking at the camera. I declare it a Success!! : )



  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Your husband did an amazing job, and all of you and your bellies are so cute. Although, I have to say your belly is the cutest. Wow! I can’t believe she’s almost here!!

  2. Aww! Very good job! And you look GREAT!

  3. that’s so beautiful!!!

  4. This was such a beautiful post. I loved all the photos. I wish I lived near, I need all the practice I can get. I would have done them for free…

  5. awww, very nice! :)

  6. Wonderful, wonderful memories…great job! So close…are you hallucinating in ‘pink’ these days?? :-)

  7. See! I told ya wiping boggers with bear hands was part of motherhood! That’s funny…..I just listed that as one of my top 10 things I didn’t know before I became a mother, on my blog yesterday :)

  8. That last one is priceless. So beautiful! And I’d have been wiping the snot with my hand as well. Only a mother can understand. lol.

  9. so glad you took matters in your own hands and went with it, the pics are beuatiful and will be great memories!!!!
    I bet of you keep searching for a photographer you may get lucky with a weekday session! Do not give up if you really want them done!

  10. AWESOME last pic!!


  11. Too bad about having a “flake”!! But I think the husband did a great job!!! But now that my interest has peaked, email me with the NAME!!! :) I might be able to help you look for a local!!?? I myself use JC Penney in a pinch, and Ed Broussard for his “specials”! I also have a digital and have been known to be “lucky” every now and then!! 😀

  12. Definitely a success!

  13. He did a good job! Cute moments captured.

  14. Fun pictures.

    I thought I would share a couple of preg pictures you could to also.
    Go to:
    Their pictures turned out cute too.

  15. Fun pictures.

    I thought I would share a couple of preg pictures you could to also.
    Go to:
    Their pictures turned out cute too.

  16. These are very sweet and tell a great story.

    I laughed…alot! :-)

  17. Well I think he did a great job!
    They turned out really cute and show such personality!!
    Good luck in your last little stretch!!

  18. that was a total success! Those are some great photos.

  19. You guys look adorable! A definite success!

  20. He did a great job! I particularly like the snot wiping one 😉 Seriously though, that last one is money!

    Way to go Tim!

  21. That is absolutely precious!

  22. Love it! Love the boys lifting their shirts. So cute.

  23. Elaine, I think the candid shot of you, your belly, your boys and your boys’ bellies are adorable. No professional would have, could have done better.

    You’re gorgeous and so are your boys.

  24. Fantastic pictures.

    I especially love that last shot.

  25. I think spontaneous shots like these are the best ones to get! It really brings out everyone’s personality.

    Only 3 weeks! eek….I am so excited!!!

  26. All hands on deck, LOL!

    Great job on the photos!

  27. Those pictures made me smile. They were so much fun to look at!

  28. we all walk around here with out bellies showing too – it just seams right, dosn’t it?

    you look beautiful…

  29. Oh, honey, you look so beautiful!

    I had tears in my eyes when I looked at these. They are perfect!!

  30. I’m sorry it didn’t work for us to hang out and take some belly pics! The ol’ move put a kink in those plans, huh?! :o( BUT, these are totally pricless! I’d say Tim did a pretty darn fabulous job, and the bare bellies are the BEST. You totally are glowing, hon! Let me know when you’ll be in the area visiting again, and maybe we can hook up for 3 or 6 month pictures! (Hugs) I miss knowing you’re just 10 minutes away – even if we did only see each other a couple times!

  31. Those are wonderful!

  32. No professional photographer would have been able to capture that moment. I love it!

  33. I think it’s perfect!!

  34. My husband can totally relate to your husband! Taking pictures just ain’t his thang! I didn’t even realize you moved – that’s how out of it I’ve been this Summer. GAH!

  35. Oh, your boys are so cute, including Tim. I LOVE that last shot.

  36. The cuteness is KILLING ME.

  37. looks like success to me! i love the wiping of the snot picture… motherhood was captured in that picture!

  38. These are great! I had maternity photos done when I was pg with my daughter. And my son, then 15 months old, lifted his shirt too. It was soooo cute!

  39. I hope you will hang that last shot in her nursery!

  40. love the shots. You guys got a winner on the last one!

  41. Sooo cute! LOL at the boys lifting their shirts!!! Hysterical!

  42. Those turned out really good…nice job hubby! You are glowing…I know you are getting excited!

    PS I love the last family shots, especially the 2nd one…B man’s face is priceless!