Bound for the Beach!

So… we’re leaving for a much needed but way-too-short trip to the beach on Wednesday night and I am SO not prepared. I did do laundry today and sort of started packing. I always end up packing WAY too much stuff for a trip like this but this time our cargo space is somewhat limited so I have to control myself. Part of my problem is that I always have these dreams of me running down the beach is some beautiful sundress and so I pack said sundress and then never get my chance to run down the beach. Not that I run anyway.

I am still packing that dress though because it doesn’t take up very much room and I am sure I will look just as nice in it while drinking a glass of wine as I would making tracks on the beach. See, this is how it starts. But a girl has to have options, right?

This is a family vacation. We are going with my parents and my brother and his family and renting condos next door to each other. The B Man absolutely adores his cousins and I can already see all the fun that will ensue. I am very excited to see what Little G is going to think of the ocean and the sand (The B Man has been to the beach before, when he was 2 so he’s good with it all).

I am also eagerly anticipating some time with my husband where he is not going to work the next day or preparing to fly away. It will only be five days but I hope to spend each of them to the fullest, watching my boys and my nieces and nephew frolick in the water and just spending time together, making memories.

There are plans for dinners out and breakfasts in and nap times on the sand (in the shade of course!). There are plans to rest our bodies and minds. There are plans for much DVD watching on the way there and back. I mean we parents gotta stay sane, right?

And even if our “plans” fall through at least we will be together having fun and sharing time together.

I promise to post a picture of me (although I said I wouldn’t until I lost some weight, which I have NOT done yet) in my sundress, if I end up actually wearing it of course.

I have at least one guest-poster (if anyone else would like to volunteer you can email me at ealguire {at} sbcglobal {dot} net) while I am gone so the blog won’t get too lonely whilst I bask in the sun (with my SPF 75 of course!)

Wish me luck with the packing. There’s one BIG suitcase and 4 of us…



  1. That sounds like a fabulous vacation!! We holiday with my parents & sister in summer too – and my boys love it. Good for you guys as you have some built-in babysitters! 😉
    Have a great time, and I hope you do get to wear your dress and have a nice drink on the beach!

  2. We are headed to the beach today too, and I am washing laundry this morning (!) – I hope yall have a wonderful time!

  3. It sounds great to me! We’ve actually never been to a Texas beach. With just one big suitcase, I guess there’s no chance I would fit in there so I could stow away with you???

  4. happy packing and happy travels :)

  5. Oh, your vacation sounds perfect! I can’t wait to see your sundress…now I am daydreaming about drinking wine, walking down a beach in a gorgeous, flowy sundress. Have fun and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  6. Have a grand time! We just got back from the beach. There were no plans and it drove me nuts. Hopefully, you can stick to yours!

  7. Have an amazing time Elaine, a beach holiday with the family sounds perfect. I hope you get to wine and run in your sundress and I can’t wait for the photos.

  8. our condo at said location has a full size washer and dryer. i love that because we just wash at night and wear from the dryer the next day! :-) then you don’t bring home mountains of dirty with sand mixed in!!! plus it cuts way back on what you pack. :-)

    oh and we really like Moby Dicks Restaurant in Port A. The grilled Mahi is wonderful!

  9. Oh you are going to have such fun Elaine! And wear the sundress and go for a run down the beach, you will feel so free….and just think of the blog post if Tim takes pictures 😛

    You are beautiful, I wanna see a picture forgetabout the weight loss. That’s for after your summer vacation!

  10. LUCK, LUCK, LUCK. And have fun!!!

  11. LUCK, LUCK, LUCK. And have fun!!!

  12. Have a great time on the beach. Sounds wonderful to me. And good luck with the packing–I know what a challenge it is when you’re packing for kids, too. Their clothes may be small but there are always so many other things to pack for them with toys, bottles, diapers, etc. -Julia :-)

  13. Oh happy packing friend.

    There is really nothing I hate more.

    But, your vacation will be so worth it, and I am hoping you get to run down the beach in your dress. Or at the very least have a glass of wine with it! :0

  14. I am beach bound as well but in 11 days, I can’t wait!!!! I would love to guest post but I am not really sure what I would post about, all the guest posts I have ever seen are always so clever and witty. 2 things I am not! Enjoy vacay!

  15. Have a great time!

  16. I’m so with you on the “having options”. You just never know what you’ll be in the mood to wear! Have a fabulous time with your family! And have a glass of wine for me too!

  17. Have a wonderful vacation. I know you have been looking forward to this and you definitely deserve it.

  18. That sounds like a wonderful getaway! I hope you all have a lovely time and get some much needed R & R :)

    Can’t wait to see pics!

  19. Have an amazing time! I’m jealous you’re getting away!

  20. I’m a big over-packer myself – YES – it’s nice to have options.

    Your trip sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun – have a great time!


  21. Oh how fun–this is a good time to go–DFW is so freakin’ HOT right now 😉

  22. Wow, one suitcase for 4 people…oh yeah, I’d be in trouble…have a blast!

  23. Have a fabulous time and no worries about the weight loss. You can get back on track when you get back.