The BEST Mail

I usually get the mail during the day. Lately The B Man likes to run out ahead of me and check for “catalogs” (which to him means ads for toys). Today we checked the box twice to no avail. By the time I thought of it again it was cooler and dark out and I figured Tim could just get it when he got home. He never gets the mail. Therefore, we rarely open it together.

But tonight we did and I am SO very glad. We were excited to open our letter from Compassion and even more so to find a full letter and three pictures or our friend Casbert who lives in Uganda.

I teared up when I saw him and learned of all the things he was able to buy with the money we sent him for his birthday, back in July. This includes the clothes he’s wearing, the sheep he’s next to, socks and food.

I’m not sure if I can fully express what it means to me that we are able to help him and his family. And I don’t think I can even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have him in our lives. It’s certainly what they call a “win win” of the most wonderful kind.

I can tell you however, that it puts things in perspective for me in a MAJOR way.

I’ve been making grocery lists for a week now for our Thanksgiving meal and contemplating ALL this food of which I plan to partake. Part of me feels guilty, part of me feels blessed. Part of me wishes I could do even more. And, we do have SO much more to be thankful for. I know it sounds cliche but it’s true.

Our home.

Our clothing.

Our easy access to SO many things.

Our health.

Each other.

Clean water.

Obviously I could go on forever.

As we sit around the table on Thursday I do plan to enjoy the food and drink we’ve been blessed with but I will stop to think of Casbert and his family. I will pause to pray that we can continue to do our little part to enrich their lives.

If you can help even one child with $30 a month please visit Compassion’s website and make the committement. It’s the least we can do…



  1. What a wonderful thing you’re doing! :) Those kids are so thankful for everything- they could really teach a lot of American kids a lesson.

  2. Aw what a nice post! I used to sponsor a kid, but he was lucky and adopted by a English family. I need to adopt another child…

  3. What a great post, you are providing a wonderful opportunity for Casbert.

    Compassion International is located in my town, apparently they have tours. I think I will take the boys. Thanks for the reminder that we have so much, even in this economy.

  4. You are doing a great thing :)
    We should look into this :)

  5. great post! and a great example to you kids too.

  6. Oh this just makes me cry. I think about this so often and yes, I do feel guilty too. We have so much and some have so little.
    Beautiful post.

  7. what a wonderful thing to do and to see how well he is doing at this time of year, thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing with me!

  8. oh i totally agree – we have a child through another organization and everytime she sends us a letter i get so excited!!

    and you are right – we have so much to be thankful for :)

  9. That was beautifully written, and what a wonderful thing your family is doing. He’s SO cute!

    I have to say if you haven’t seen that Jack Nickolsan movie About Schmidt you must rent it sometime.
    The letters he exchanges with a young boy he’s sponsoring are a riot.

  10. You are doing such a wonderful thing. I followed Rocks in my Dryer’s journey for Compassion and every post of hers brought me to tears.

  11. Wow, what an incredible gift for your family. I think I might join you guys. Incredible.

  12. I am a huge fan of Compassion as well…and how special to see what a blessing a mere $30 can be!!

  13. That’s wonderful. I’m hoping to give my favorite charity some good funds via the site. Yay for great mail.

  14. Oh wow, that is awesome! Amazing to see how much it does for him, and a great wakeup call for us who have so much!

  15. That’s so wonderful, he looks so proud in the picture too. Heartwarming!

    We sponsor a child in Ecuador and we receive letters from her mother often. I love to hear what she is up to!

  16. That is the best mail! What a good feeling.

  17. I’m so glad you joined Compassion! I’m going to before Christmas. What an amazing chance to help.

  18. Thanks for the reminder of how truly blessed we are, and how we cn be a blessing to others.

  19. What a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing. Loved the photo, what a wonderful thing to take part in.

  20. What a great thing you are doing!

    And, a handsome little man.

    I sponsored a little girl in Nicaragua…but I’ve been bad. I need to do it again.

  21. How awesome that you’ve been able to do so much for someone who needs so much!!