Behind door number one…

On the other side of that first door on the left there is a little girl, calling my name.  She is waiting for me to rescue her and provide a snack and some neck kisses and sweet hugs.  Not necessarily in that order.

Her smile softens my heart on the daily and the sunshine in her own heart lights up my life more often than that.

Can she challenge me? Sure.

Was she a complete PILL at church tonight as we waited to get our ashes and begin this season of redemption?  Yep.

But I chose to see past it and laugh a little and all the people around us smiled because she is just so full of joy and there is no denying it.  So why should we?  Even when she was doing her dance moves in the back of the church, full of God’s goodness.

I’m guessing He just wouldn’t mind…



  1. So sweet. She looks big AND little in these pictures. We didn’t make it to Mass today. Feeling that good old Catholic guilt.

  2. Great take on this week’s You Capture…so far I’ve got nothin’. Maybe I’ll be inspired tomorrow morning!
    I think part of it is this age…they’re so full of adventure and mischief. They’re trying to drive us insane one minute and the next we can’t love on them enough. She’s just so adorable, that helps a lot, right??!

  3. She’s adorable, as always.

  4. She’s so cute.

    And I totally agree. He wouldn’t mind!

  5. You have to love our sweet, spirited girls! They are lucky they are so cute though!

  6. That’s good perspective, mama.

  7. oh my – my kids were not so great tin church last night either! naughty little tikes!

  8. Oh, gosh! She is so precious!!!!

  9. Such precious moments. Those memories are dear to me now.

  10. I love that she can be a pistol AND she’s just so darn cute. :)

  11. She is just too cute, I’m sure non of the church goers minded that sweet face.

  12. She is too cute! Love the picture of the hallway, great angle makes it seem so welcoming, which I am sure your entire home is!

  13. Oh my so much sweetness these 2’s bring to us. And fury of course also. 😉

  14. Oh wow. Look how long her hair has gotten.

  15. What an adorable post. Just so sweet. What fabulous pictures too! :)

  16. What a cutie! And apparently quite the dancer. Love your shots.

  17. I know that they all have their moments- but just look at that sweet face- she’s so cute!!!! :)

  18. Sweet…but worth every minute. I think your little one and my little one would get along great at church…we spend a lot of time out back:)


  19. Well, SHE is just adorable! I love the shot down the hallway, how awesome that you have windows there. I hate dark hallways.

  20. Beautiful photos, beautiful parenting. :)

  21. This really made me smile, Elaine. She is too adorable!

  22. She’s so happy you came to “rescue” her. 😉

    Is it weird that I’m jealous of your windowed hallway?! I hate how ours has zero natural light and always has that awful incandescent glare.

  23. So cute! Love that last shot! :)

  24. Her hair is getting so long!!!

  25. Such a cute post and the cutest little girl to go with it!