Because I’m Happ-ee-ee-ee!

If you don’t know the song then you may not “get” the title of this post.  And if you REALLY do not know the song then you’ve been living under a rock.  If that is the case, I’m sorry, that must have been dark and claustrophobic.  But we’re so glad you’re back!!

(I know, I’m weird)

Anywho, I am Happy.  Mostly.  I look at my Instagram feed and I reazlize that I can really feel nothing less.  First of all, I have three beautiful, healthy, awesome kids who even when they talk back – and talk back they do – fill me with Happy.  Okay.  That last part is kind of a lie.  But at least I know they will have no issues with assertiveness in the future, right? So I guess that’s good for everyone but me and their father.

Also, I can take pictures of my kids and put them out on Instagram whenever I want and well, that makes me Happy too!

Last week was Spring Break around here and we had a pretty good time!  We had a day at the zoo with friends and some time at the pool (yes Northerners, the pool is open here, c’mon down!), and even made an appearance at the local music and arts festival where the kids got ice creams as big as their heads.

As I scroll through the little square moments of our days, the Happy comes out in the smile on my face.  This life has tough stuff and complications and moments of not so happy – I would be lying if I told you otherwise.  I am pretty sure anyone would be if they said that.  But it also has moments of amazing joy and fun and Happy and thankfully those outweigh and hopefully outlive the others.


And I believe in sharing the Happy with you and anyone who wants to feel that way too! :)





Spring Break Collage




Spring Break2 Collage



p.s. I even gave Angela a quote about Happiness – Check it out!


  1. You have so much to be happy about! Look at your gorgeous family!

  2. As a northerner, and a bitter one at that lately, can I come swim in your pool??
    It was 50 degrees today. 50 degrees! Yikes!
    These are beautiful, happy-making photos!
    Tamara recently posted…How To Become Clairvoyant.My Profile

  3. Today was rough. Thanks for brightening up my day.
    Bianca @ Rant Rave Crave recently posted…Doma Kitchen Redondo Beach, CAMy Profile

  4. So very much to be happy! And, my girls have been asking about the pool opening every day! We still have a couple more weeks!
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? recently posted…My happy | #HappyMamasMy Profile

  5. And your kids look pretty happy too! I love this little project! :)
    Meagan recently posted…Simple Bentos // April 14 – April 24My Profile

  6. Happy is such a good place to be!
    (and I’ve been singing the song in my head for days now)
    Alison recently posted…Baby Blanket GoodnessMy Profile

  7. My favorite: Batman cooking on the counter! So much happy!
    Dude Mom recently posted…Happy Mama Movement. Give Joy, Get Joy.My Profile

  8. Sharing it with others who need that smile is a beautiful thing :)
    Kimberly recently posted…Being A Sister MomMy Profile

  9. I love all of those photos, especially the one of K watering her flowers and the one of the bicycle. Those make me happy. 😉
    Jennifer recently posted…Happy Mama Moment – SixMy Profile

  10. so many great pictures! You’re right, you DO have so much to be happy about.
    Leighann recently posted…Falling off of the Mental Illness WagonMy Profile

  11. I love all the fun instagram pics. K with the batman mask is priceless.
    Julia recently posted…Homebody ProblemsMy Profile

  12. You guys look so happy! What joy!
    Laura recently posted…How to Brush Hair from a Parent who Doesn’t Brush HairMy Profile

  13. Love the photos, the mustache one is so cute – I can almost hear the giggling.

    You have a lot to be happy about, my friend. xoxo
    Andrea recently posted…Ten Things I Love About Mad MenMy Profile

  14. Aww…this post and those pictures make me Happy.
    Roxanne recently posted…Things They Can’t Say {a guest post for @ShellThings}My Profile

  15. LOVE this post. You do have much to be happy about. It is good to see that even when life gets sticky.
    Beautiful pictures too! Is that playhouse your kids’? The one where Miss K is watering the flowers, I mean. It is SO cute!!!!
    Kat recently posted…Gray DaysMy Profile

  16. OMG! Now I can’t stop signing that song! Love this post! Lots to celebrate & be happy about! Thanks for hosting! Your kiddos are adorable!