Baptized Boy

Today we celebrated Gavin’s baptism with our church community, family and friends. He did really well during the mass and while he was getting his oil and water (ha!) but he was not too happy to take pictures afterward (he was quite tired). His new Godparents are my brother Larry and my sister-in-law Kelley. We are so happy that he has officially joined us as a Catholic Christian! God’s blessings for our sweet son…At the baptismal font

Gavin with his parents & Godparents

The family with Father Joe

Gavin hanging out with his Great-Grandfather at his post baptism party!

We were very happy to have my brother’s family visit and Ben just loves playing with his cousins Catherine and Grace. He even gave up sleeping in his own bed so that he could join the girls on our living room floor for a little slumber party. Ben was a little put out with Daniel (although he gave him a big kiss as they were leaving today) because he kept drooling on his toys. We told him to get used to it because his brother is about to enter that stage too!

Cousin Daniel makin’ his way around our house

The slumber party at our house last night.