Baby Love – Rockin’ the Baby

We went to church with our friends this morning, while here in Texas.
(Did I tell you the kids and I drove over for the week, without the Daddy part of our family? Yeah, we did…)
As we sat down I noticed the tiny newborn in the baby carrier in the pew in front of us.  She was so small and fresh from God. And RIGHT in front of me.
After one little squeak from her precious lips, her Daddy scooped up her delicate body in his hands, quietly whispering little “SHH”s as he put her soft head to his and snuggled her to his chest.
And in that moment I was so overcome with the desire to hold this stranger’s baby that I caught myself holding my breath.
It wasn’t a second later that my previous infant, now four years old, started whining and I wished to hold her even more.  To go back to those days when they were SO brand new, innocent and all that came out of them were tiny cries, squeaks and grunts. 
Nothing compares to those first days of having a newborn.
Absolutely NOTHING.
I just wish it lasted longer, especially since it’s goes by REALLY fast with the third… 
My father actually rocking my second baby.  He’s such a proud Grandpa in this photo.  I Melt.  

Tim kissing our first baby when he was just days old.  Those are my knees and my slipper on the right-hand side, as I took the picture.  This baby boy originally made us a family. We became three…
And we were forever changed…
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  1. These are wonderful. I loved getting to watch family members get to hold JDaniel. They all loved him right from the start.

  2. Ohhh, I love babies. I don’t want any more, but I really want someone else to have one so I can hold it all the time!!

  3. I love, love, love these pictures of your family, Elaine! Such sweet precious moments!

  4. I cannot get near a newborn. I want one so badly. xo

  5. This brought tears to my eyes sweet friend! simply beautiful! XO

  6. I love that he’s like “Daddy I am sleeping!”

  7. How darling!

    I get like that with new babies, too. I think people must purposely sit in front of me at church with their new babies.

  8. Oh I miss the grunts and the squeaks.

    I have caught myself wanting to grab a strangers baby right from them just so I can smell it and hold it close. The pull is so strong.

    I chalk it up to my not being done having babies….


  9. I never cared about babies at all until I had mine, and now I catch myself wanting to sniff other people’s newborns. What’s up with that!

    Precious little one, Elaine.

  10. I am so glad that i’m not the only person that does that when I see infants. I even do it in the grocery story. At least in church some stranger is a lot more likely to let you hold their baby.

  11. Newborns often make my ovaries ache. So did you get to hold the little precious babe?

  12. My favourite pictures are often Grandpa/baby pictures. They are just wonderful :)

  13. Your pictures are wonderful! My father didn’t get to meet his grandson until he was already one year old, so that picture of the grandfather/grandson just melts my heart!

  14. Oh this post made me teary-eyed! Such beautiful pictures. It’s so true, the newborn phase goes by WAY TOO FAST. It’s why I keep questioning every day if I’ll have a third baby or not… children are so precious!

  15. Newborns are the best…I can’t take my eyes off them. Your babies are just precious :)

  16. I loved Infant K’s little newborn noises! Is it so bad that I could practically smell her little baby smell.

    All your babies are beautiful!

  17. Love the video of Baby K and the pictures are adorable with grandpa and daddy.

  18. Aww I love little baby noises!

  19. If I could never be pregnant and have newborns who slept alot I would have 27 of them!

  20. So sweet…I love all of those pictures & so wish I had taken more videos of my kids when they were babies! I totally know what you mean about the story you told first, about the baby that was a pure stranger to you but the urge to want to hold her!

  21. Awwww. I know. I know. I will forever want more babies, no matter how many I have. Good thing the hubby does not feel that way. 😉 I just love babies. Love.
    Great post!

  22. That video is just great. The little baby movements. Love the shots too!

  23. Awww, love all your pictures!!

  24. So sweet, and your dad, omg, love grandpa pictures. Love!

  25. Elaine,

    You always have the best pics. Sigh. ANd that video of Katie? Cannot believe how FAST time has FLOWN since then—loved the grunting/squeaking and tooting, LOL!