Forget the fact that I forgot to take Little G’s picture until AFTER his first day of school was over.

Ok, the actual day wasn’t over but his ‘first day’ was. And it technically wasn’t even a day since they started with just a half day and he only went until noon (normal schedule will be until 2:30).

Am I rambling?

Why yes, Elaine, you are!

Oh wellsies…

So anyway, this picture was taken AFTER I brought him home and no, he would NOT put the book down. He’s so studious already…

Next week he begins his schedule of two full days a week and I’ve already scheduled a dentist appointment and one to get my hair done as well. Gotta make hay while the sun shines! And it’s not much longer until the term “free time” will mean very little to me for a while. So, I have SIX ‘free’ days until baby comes. Can y’all believe I’m opting to spend some of that time at the dentist? Yes, I do value my oral hygiene THAT MUCH.

When we pulled in the parking lot yesterday morning he said, “Dis my school?!” When I affirmed that it was he said “Okay, me go to school like Ben?” God I love that kid. So cute.

And when I picked him up he only came running to me once he finished his Lego-building project. The teacher reported that there was just a little crying (and she thinks he did only because the other kids were…), ate all his lunch and played a lot. That’s my boy!

So another ‘first day’ under our belts. I declare the school year officially OFFICIALLY started. Now let’s break out the fall weather (YO! Mother Nature!) and pumpkin bread. Who’s ready?



  1. Oh he is just too cute. And six days, man I have been missing to long. Oh and I am ready for fall weather and pumpkin anything right about now.

  2. I’m sure you will get much accomplished in those 6 “free days”….and devoting some of that time to the dentisit is soemthing I would totally do too!

  3. He really is a cutie!

  4. He looks a lot like you! I agree school has started I’m ready for apple cider and jumping in the leaves! Lets go!

  5. What a doll!!

    And I’m sorry but, “Gotta make hay while the sun shines!” is the BEST LINE EVER!!!

  6. What a doll!!

    And I’m sorry but, “Gotta make hay while the sun shines!” is the BEST LINE EVER!!!

  7. Oh my GOSH what a cute li’l munchkin!! But I gotta tell you. You’re making me feel better. I forgot to take a pic this morning too. I HAVE to remember to take one this afternoon.

  8. Having just a newborn will still feel like free time, compared the busy-ness of two active boys. G is so cute!

  9. He is so precious in that photo! :-)

    Glad to hear things are going great for the boys!

    I’m SO ready for some pumpkin bread!

  10. He just makes me wanna squeeze him he is so adorable! I am glad he had a great first day and i am sur eyou will enjoy your last few free days!

  11. He is so very studious, Elaine. And adorably sweet.

    Also, I love your front door. That is your front door right? SO COOL!

    Enjoy your days, girl!!!

  12. Oh I’m ready too! Hello mother you hear us?!?!

  13. Damn he’s cute! I am in shock, preschool is a WHOLE day? Here they go for 2 hours! And Kindergarten is only a half day. We really baby our babies up here in the Great white north. And I am SO jealous!

  14. YAY!! for “free days”! Can’t wait to have some of my own….2 years and counting!! 😀

  15. He is so, so, so adorable! Enjoy your time- every last sec- be deliberate about it.

  16. Little G gets to go for full days? Oh heaven!!! Ours barely get enough time to get them tehre, run an errand and then pick up time…..Canada needs to catch up here!!
    He is adorable and pack those free days with anything you want! I am with you, I was just thinking I should get a cleaning in before the twins arrive!

  17. He is so cute!

  18. It’s always so nice when they want to go to school. He’s adorable.

  19. He is soooo cute! Reminds me of my oldest when he was that age. It’s the legs that go right into the shoes. I love that!

  20. So cute! Sounds like a good first start. My little guy cried a bit but when I picked him up after school he said he loved it. Hope he continues to feel that way.

  21. What a cutie!

  22. so your youngest starts school just before the baby comes? i pretty much did that. my youngest (at the time) started school when the baby was SEVEN weeks old – worked out quite well!

  23. I LOVE little G’s haircut!! Sooo cute! Glad you are getting a little break while he’s in school!