And the Milestones Just Keep on Comin’

I’ve been sort of agonizing over what kind of bed to get for Little G. Until yesterday. I made what we call in our family “an executive decision,” and bought one in the morning and it was delivered before lunch time was over. Done.

I love it when I finally make up my mind.

Although he wanted nothing to do with it at nap time and I was in NO hurry to force him to go in there, he hit the hay in his new “big boy bed” last night.

I think the lure of brother being in there with him had something to do with it. We’ll see what he wants to do at nap time today.

Oh and the boys only talked and jabbered about for a mere 30 minutes (Good Golly Molly go to sleep already!). Hopefully we can get it down to at least 25…



  1. I hope it goes well with the adjustment! I am sure with big brother there it is just a grand time…..good luck with whitling down the talk time, really! I remember when my brothers (18 mos apart) moved into a room together, it was a riot night after night for a long time!

  2. I had to move Brea out of her crib @ 2 so we could get it ready for Brody.. It was a challenge to say the least but after about a week she got used to it and it was a breeze. I hope the same goes for your little guy. Good luck on the night chatter… No advise on that one.. Maybe I’ll be asking you what you did a year down the rd when Brody get’s in his big boy bed. :)

  3. It was the same ordeal with my brothers. After the first few nights of talking they started to get up again and secretly play with their toys.
    Anyways, good luck for you! 😉

  4. I’ve got the “what kind of bed to get my kid” debate going on now. A twin seems too small, and a double seems right. Though he’ll outgrow the double … a queen seems longer, but the bedroom isn’t that big and a queen in the bedroom seems stupid. Gah!


  6. Awww! Hope tonight goes well for you guys too!

    Here I’m not as lucky, and J still sleeps in a pack n play..because when I try to get him to sleep in the big boy bed he gets out and plays till midnight…and that isn’t doing anyone in this house any good.

  7. Yay, Little G! I’m so glad it went so well last nite :)

    Here’s hoping naptime is a success!

  8. Yay for big boy bed! We just did big girl bed over here a few weeks ago. One night at a time…

  9. Oh, how cute. Sounds like it went really well. I can’t wait to move my girls into the same room!

  10. The big kid bed really seems to make them grow up overnight, doesn’t it?! Sounds like you guys are off to a good start – it often take Nadia more than half an hour to fall asleep, and that’s without anyone else in there to plot with!

  11. Glad to hear it went well. I’m trying to decide what bed to get my 2 1/2 year old. Right now he sleeps on his crib mattress which is on the floor since he kept climbing out of his crib! However, I think it’s time for a bigger bed.
    He has shared a room with his brother, who is 3 1/2, for a year now and we are still working on getting them to go to sleep after 30 mins! Good luck to you!

  12. What a big boy! I kep mine in their cribs Hope the chatty charlies go to sleep a little earlier tonight!

  13. What a cute picture and he’s growing up so quickly. Given time and consistency, the boys should be good to go.

  14. SO much easier when siblings share a room. When I moved my oldest out of his crib – I pretty much slept in his bed with him for three weeks. That transition was hard for some reason… But the twins just moved out of their cribs without any need for me to linger at bedtime. The frequent wake up calls are another story of course – but that has nothing to do with cribs vs. beds…

  15. That’s so sweet! Love it!

  16. Very cool!!

    Hope kindergarten is going well!!

  17. Gosh he’s so darn cute!

    And good luck on the talking…my kids started sharing a room in March and they jibber jabber for quite a while – but it’s really cute to listen in on :-) I think it’s good for them, too – as long as they stay in bed I’m alright with it.

    They will be even better buddies, now!

  18. Aw! He’s so cute in his big boy bed! I met a boy today that could be his twin, seriously, it was scary!

  19. Awwww….the big boy bed!!! Good luck on the transition!! I hope it goes smoothly for you!

    And, I’m really, really behind on my blog reading, so please forgive me for missing a bunch of your posts! I’m hitting “mark all as read” and starting over! Hope all is going well with you & you’re starting to settle in over there!

  20. I hope it is an easy transition! Are’s went fairly well as Mj was so ready to be in a big boy bed just like his bubby!

  21. YAY!! CONGRATS to the little man! I have to get my daughter a big girl bed very soon too, although she is quite content to sleep in the crib still. Can forsee her need to climb out a million times a night and it will drive me batty!

  22. YAY!! CONGRATS to the little man! I have to get my daughter a big girl bed very soon too, although she is quite content to sleep in the crib still. Can forsee her need to climb out a million times a night and it will drive me batty!