And the Chocolate Goes to…

… Madame AFF! Lucky number 16! And she said… said…
I think I would be a good wife & give the diabetic some of the dark sugar free bars, because I’m sweet and deserve that Tiffany’s necklace I’m gonna buy, right?

And here’s proof:

Hey girl, congrats! I like how you said that you are “sweet” in a comment about winning chocolate. : ) Oh and I totally want to see that necklace …


  1. Woo hoo! Yay for me. The robin’s egg blue box is on its way. I’ll send you the link. I actually cajoled Puppy into buying it for me, just a few green beans required. Thanks. Woot & he’s excited about sugar free dark.

  2. Yay anglophilefootballfanatic! Enjoy the goodness!

  3. Yay…. what an awesome winner!!!

  4. Poor OHMommy has hiccups LOL.

    Congrats anglophilefootballfanatic!