A picture, a thousand words, you know the saying

I mean seriously people.

This kid.

She picked out everything she is wearing herself.  I take NO credit.

And as I took this photo she said to me “Put your hands up, Mama!!”

Can I put my bathing suit on first, please?

She had a bow in her hair for a bit (thatdidnotmatchanything), to keep the bangs out of her face that she refuses to let me cut.  But any bow or hair “clippie” only lasts a very short time with her. She’s girlie but she’s not, you know?  Must be what happens when you have two older brothers. I was the same way (plus one brother).

That shirt, she picked out herself at Crazy 8.  It is a size XS from the girls’ section.  She didn’t want anything with a “T” on it.  And those boots, so last winter but she SO does not care.

Before she proceeded to put me under water-gun arrest we took a short walk around the neighborhood and I pulled her in the wagon, while she pretended to sleep on her best lovie, “L.C” (short for Lamb Chop).  When she does things like that it is easy for my Mama mind to recall her as a baby and too see her as one still.

But she is not.  She’s an almost-four-year-old little GIRL.

And she says she wants a Rainbow Princess Unicorn birthday party.  I wonder if there are ideas on Pinterest for one like that?


Anyway, we have days alone again now and I am trying to remember to “suck all the marrow out of life” (thank you, Thoreau) and soak up all the little-girl hugs and kisses and even the numerous “I need a snacks”s and Dora and/or Sophia episodes with my last baby.

And I cannot really complain about a kid who dresses herself and attemps to take out a tree with water guns, now can I?


  1. Oh I just love her, how totally sweet. Enjoy every moment.

  2. What a cutie. I think she has great color coordination skills!

    If you get the birthday party done please post instructions so I can replicate it.

  3. I want to eat her up!

  4. she is adorable and of course she matches, she’s in neons! They coordinate nicely.

    that birthday party sounds like FUN, save me a piece of cake, please. :)

  5. Rainbow Princess Unicorn birthday party on Pinterest? I have a feeling that if it isn’t already there, you two will start the trend! Speaking of Sofia, new one just started and I have a couch date with my new four-year-old.

  6. I just love her.

  7. Sweet. Soak up those moments, totally.

  8. She can pull anything off – the chic look, the tomboy look, the sweet look. :-)

  9. She’s adorable, and she looks like she matches to me. Except for maybe the boots. I bet her feet were stinky when she took those off.

  10. Oh, she’s cracking me up! And, totally reminding me of my girls…a little bit of both of them with the picking out of clothes and the shoes that are way too small!

  11. She is ADORABLE and would be total BFFs with my Abby! :)-AShley

  12. Love that she has her own style! “Clippies” would never say in my hair for long, either. Once they started to fall out the slightest little bit? They were outta there! :)

  13. Cute, cute, CUTE!!!

  14. You really can’t complain 😉 She’s adorable.

  15. It’s crazy watching these kids grow up via the internet. It goes by so fast! She is so cute and spunky.

  16. Those third kids. They’re the ones, right?! I miss mine so much!

  17. She’s awesome. :)

  18. She’s got style! :) and yep soak it up they grow so fast!