A New York State of Mind

Just a few favorite images from my trip to BlogHer last week.  

p.s. Thank you SO MUCH to the sweet and beautiful Heather D. for going on a way-too-short but very informative photo walk with me on Saturday! 


  1. Your pictures are truly gorgeous.

  2. Jealous!! Was it a blast?!

  3. Looks fantastic.

  4. hey beautiful girl, you just made me fall in love with my favorite city in the world, all over again.
    What a gorgeous eye and talent you have…and your HUGS are awesome…you really are perfect.;)


  5. Fun pictures!!

  6. Look at you and all your talent and you look as good on both sides of the lens 😉

  7. Isn’t NYC something else! I loved living 30 minutes by train from there in high school and college, just pop into Mid-town for a show and dinner and then go home! Glad you had a great time!

  8. Gorgeous. You really do have a great eye! xo

  9. Great shots! So glad we had a chance to see each other – though far too brief!

  10. hope you had a great weekend!

  11. Super Fun pictures. I love that underpass my kids love to stand there and “echo” lol.. I wish I would gone to Blogher I actually attended Blographer (which was on the 2nd) blast & learned so much!

  12. Very interesting captures. I’m #32 at Deb’s hop today. Check out my adventures to a Mall. Join each other? I’m joining yours. It is cool!

  13. Great pictures!!!

  14. Your pictures are just gorgeous!

  15. Lovely shots. I LOVE NYC!

  16. Love that 2nd shot!

  17. Looks like you certainly had a great time!

  18. So many people seem to go to BlogHer. Sounds like it was a great event.


  19. Gorgeous photos! And I just love Heather, she’s so talented. And so are you! :)

  20. Quite an adventure! I love the fancy-topped lamppost!

  21. Marvelous!

  22. Great shots! I’m so sad I missed you. Wish we could have had a mojito together. xo

  23. Looks like an amazing adventure! Thank you for sharing!

  24. Stunning photography, girl! Absolutely stunning! xo

  25. These are just beautiful! If we are at a conference together in the future, I would be more than happy to do a photo walk with you…provided I can have copies of all of your photos. :-) Beautifully composed!! PS: You should totally watermark so someone doesn’t lift those beautiful shots!

  26. What a fun trip! Amazing captures!

  27. I didn’t end up bringing my dslr. I just didn’t want to carry it around. I wish I had now! Great shots!

  28. Beautiful! Glad you had a good time!

  29. Oh look, the photo where you were almost decapitated by the bus turned out. :)