A “Cher Bebe” Kinda Party

As we walked through the front door the smell from the huge pot of gumbo immediately accosted me.  In a good way.  Kids were already playing and running in and out from the back door to the living room.  I walked out myself, only after getting many hugs from good friends and my glass of wine was poured.  The Autumn sunlight felt good on my shoulders as I stepped into the backyard of my friend’s welcoming and full-of-life home.

We came to celebrate both of her beautiful children’s birthdays and friendship and the passage of time, with all of it’s bittersweet-ness engulfed in an afternoon of stories and laughter and cake and ice cream.

Sometimes I still wonder (after 3 + years!) what the heck we are doing in Louisiana.  But then I spend time with friends like these and I am easily reminded…


  1. Friends are wonderful, aren’t they?

  2. Lovely photos.

  3. Looks like a wonderful time with wonderful friends!

  4. Great shots!

  5. So nice to have good friends to spend time with. :)

  6. What beautiful pictures. It is always friendship that roots me to a place.

  7. Beautiful! The pictures…..the friendship…and the weather! I want to move down there…….

  8. Wow! Looks fabulous! :)

  9. Good friends are the best. No matter how long you’ve known them.

  10. Beautiful. Nothing like good friends. xo

  11. Gosh that looks like fun! I love that spanish moss. Great shots!!

  12. Beautiful family, friendships, weather and celebration. Looks like the perfect day to me! So happy you have all of this captured on film.

  13. looks like a great time

  14. These photos tell a great story! Good friends and parties are so awesome!

  15. What a story here in these shots! I see family, friends, fun and LOVE. What more could anyone ask for? :)

  16. Looks like a fabulous time! There is nothing like spending time with friends.

  17. What a great back/front yard for a party, too! So glad you have some great friends to hang out with there in LA.

  18. I think it’s great that you have some great friends where you are. So important & can make the time in a different place go by a little faster.