Old Man Winter, you need to pay for my tissues.


Are you snowed-in somewhere?  If not, are you tired of the winter rain and cold, like me? I have a love/hate relationship with Winter.  Partly because I hate having my hands and feet cold most of the time.  However, I do love a cozy sweater or blanket, or both.  And perhaps a good reason to drink […]

Walking From, Walking To


You spot her as you drive up – she’s walking with earnest.  With her, a child grasping her hand – probably toting a cutsie backpack over their small shoulders, as they lag behind just a bit, their soft hair bouncing as they go, their steps a little unsure. That “her” is you, or well, me.   I […]

Big and Little Moments


Do you ever wonder if one little moment or decision in your life could have changed your future? Your destiny? I have thought about this before because Tim and I met on a weekend when it was a good possibility that only one of or us or neither of us could have been present in […]



Sometimes I get so caught up in writing about things that are happening or have happened in my life, I forget that I am also just busy living this life. There is a lot happening and going on around me and with my friends and family and even my on-line life. Each new day brings […]

My Love


He comes into the kitchen in his dress pants and button down shirt, clean and fresh, ready for a day of work and meetings and things I can only grasp a little.  I hand him a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon and ask, “Do you want a coffee?”  I smile at how handsome he […]

My First Born


“Oh Mom, really?”  I’ve just attempted to make a joke around him and because he is a tween he finds it very unfunny. Also, it may not have been that funny.  Although I think it was at least “cute” funny.  But then, I’m “old” so…  I glance over at his nose that is becoming more […]

My Second Son


“Mommy, kiss”.  His backpack is loaded on his back and his breath smells like bacon. We give a peck on the lips, as he cranes his neck back and then I watch him walk out the door to his Daddy’s truck.   Dressed in clothes that he chose himself, it’s been a long time since […]

My Girl

I brush her fine, straight hair and gently move the strands that hang in front of her eyes out of her face, as I gather them and place the pink hair clip just so.  Her blue eyes look up at me as I say, “All done.” She insists she cannot put the clip in herself. […]

It’s All About Me


Did that title grab your attention? You know it’s not REALLY all about me, right?  Certainly you know me better than that.  However, I will admit that taking self portraits kind of makes it feel that way. My friend Sarah inspired me to try this project again (like she did in 2013)(I lasted until May […]

Furry Friends & Netflix


We have the cutest dog.  You can argue that point by saying that you have the cutest dog if you have a dog but I’m sorry, everyone in this family will dispute that since we know our dog is cuter.  Sure, your dog is probably pretty cute.  I know.  Dogs are cute.  But OUR dog is […]