Tweens and Tablets


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact. The other day I was looking over my B’s shoulder as he was playing Minecraft on the iPad that we consider “his”.  He has loaded it with apps that he likes and uses it more than anyone else.  It was a gift for […]

I’m Sorry I Forgot to Read Your Blog


So, here’s the thing. I cannot always remember to read your blog posts just like you cannot always remember to read mine. I’ve never used a reader.  Back in the day my sidebar, where I listed all the blogs I read, used to be my reader.  Now Facebook sort of serves as my “reader”, between […]

8 is Great!


Eight years ago I was hanging out in the hospital after having my second baby boy.  That afternoon, after he as born, his older brother remarked that he looked like a burrito, all swaddled up by the nurses.  He had THE roundest head and a pair of strikingly cute dimples that those same nurses fell […]

I am… (Old School Blogging)


Hey y’all! Last week was a whirlwind and once again I kinda “just remembered” that Old School Blogging is still a thing that I do here.  Blame it on the show (Listen To Your Mother, that is). Thankfully I have cool friends like Angela that are really good with something called “short notice” and can […]

An Extra Special Mother’s Day


I am sitting here, overwhelmed with the weight and amazing-ness of Motherhood right now. So many sweet messages from my co-mothers. My husband just stocked the fridge with fresh food, the kids cleaned their rooms and the house while  our wonderful “babysitter” (should be kid-sitter, at this point, I think…) was with them.  She stayed with them […]

The Old Horse Farm


There’s a place where we go together, in which the land backs up to our neighborhood.   On Saturday mornings, without fail (unless it’s “monsoon-ing”) there is a farmer’s market and some food trucks stop by.  People come from all over town (and neighboring ones) to buy local produce and handmade products from earrings to […]

A Friend of the Blog (Best) Kind. #HappyMamas


I found friends on the internet a while ago.  As the story goes, shortly after I started my blog a friend of a friend sent me an email about something and at the end of her message there was a link to her blog. Once I visited her space, I discovered she had links to many other […]

Avery & Austin, The Cure For Boredom


My kids get bored sometimes around our house, even though there is absolutely NO shortage of toys in our abode and the fact that on any given day I could probably build a structure AROUND myself with the amount of LEGO we have. Never you mind though.  They will find some time during a weekend […]

Towel-Folding, it’s an art


There is A LOT of talk about mothers and motherhood in my life right now. First, because I am one. Second because I’m a part of this “little” it’s actually a pretty big show called “Listen To Your Mother.” Third, because I have an essay published in Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee: The Crazy, […]

A Powerful Chorus


On the eve of our first rehearsal for this year’s Listen To Your Mother show in Beaumont I decided to make small but meaningful “goodie” bags for our cast members.  I made one for each of the nine people that would be reading with Jennifer and I that day, and instead of just putting their […]