One Spring Day in March, 1975…


…I was born.   My parents were here visiting last weekend and during one of our conversations my mother decided she would buy a couple of little cakes and we would celebrate my birthday a little early, while family was here.  Then she said, “Where did those 40 years go?” We both laughed a little as I […]

What IS UP with this growing up stuff?


Oh man y’all.  My kids are growing like weeds in Louisiana spring.  I ain’t even kidding.  (and don’t tell me ain’t ain’t a word because I’m using it today!) Last week I sat on a wooden stool next to my oldest child, at the orthodontist’s office while they adhered the first part of his braces […]

Wild Kratts – On the Screen and Living at My House


The other day I suggested the kids cue up something on Netflix, as they needed a little down time and well, so did I.  I had heard about a show called “Wild Kratts” and so I searched and found a ton of episodes.  I knew it was something educational but I had no idea it was […]

The GAP makes crappy shoes and other things you learn by the time you’re 40


Being tired and ready for bed at  9 p.m. is okay. The days are long but the years are short… and any time in the doctor’s office with kids feels like years AND days. Chores for kids are a really good idea. A good-fitting bra is important… and should be off your body no later […]

Old School Blogging – Full-on Random


Oooh boy, aren’t y’all glad Old School Blogging is back?  I know I am!  I skipped last month for some reason.  February is just short, you know.  And not that I have anything against short things (I am a short thing) but it just went by so fast and  I had a lot going on […]

Listen Up!


We’ve had so many little tiffs over the fact that he does not listen.  I’ve had to say things multiples and multiples of times and then say them extra LOUDLY before he would hear me or even attempt to.  Then there is usually crying and frustrated faces and harsh words and a few minutes that turned […]

Lucky Day! Happy Mamas March


The other day, Gavin brought me a large clover he pulled from our backyard and asked me if it was lucky.  I told him that it was not seen as lucky because it did not have four different sets of leaves, only three, as you typically find.  I explained that it is considered extremely “lucky” to find […]

Old Man Winter, you need to pay for my tissues.


Are you snowed-in somewhere?  If not, are you tired of the winter rain and cold, like me? I have a love/hate relationship with Winter.  Partly because I hate having my hands and feet cold most of the time.  However, I do love a cozy sweater or blanket, or both.  And perhaps a good reason to drink […]

Walking From, Walking To


You spot her as you drive up – she’s walking with earnest.  With her, a child grasping her hand – probably toting a cutsie backpack over their small shoulders, as they lag behind just a bit, their soft hair bouncing as they go, their steps a little unsure. That “her” is you, or well, me.   I […]

Big and Little Moments


Do you ever wonder if one little moment or decision in your life could have changed your future? Your destiny? I have thought about this before because Tim and I met on a weekend when it was a good possibility that only one of or us or neither of us could have been present in […]