Kay Kay is Five Today

K collage

I can still remember when the sonographer confirmed that I was having a girl, at my 20-week appointment while pregnant with K.  Unfortunately only she and Tim saw the enormous smile on my face, I kind of wish I could have seen it too.  It wasn’t so much that I really wanted a girl, I […]

These Kids, They are Special

photo (74)edit

Sometimes when I really start to think about my children and their qualities and uniqueness, I get teary. Okay wait. EVERY time I think about those things, I get teary. I mean, they’re my kids. And one of the things I love about them MOST is their uniqueness.  Sure, some of their “qualities” get on […]

The Goodness

One of my favorite photos of my boys, showing each other goodness...

Earlier this week I heard my priest speak outside of church.  He was talking about the innate goodness in us.  And how it is so much within us when we are children but as we get older and more jaded, it begins to disappear. Now before you stop reading because I said “priest”, please know […]

Tid Bits

horse cake

Do ever get that kind of “naggy” feeling?  Like you have all these “little” things swirling around in your head and you’re not just quite sure where to start?  This happens to me sometimes.  This is part of the reason I have a few “to-do” lists on my desk.  And a paper calendar, along with […]

Old School Blogging – Fall Into Fall!

My favorite shot from our trip to the "patch" last year.

I am SO very ready for Fall to arrive this year.  Unfortunately the fact that it begins this weekend is lost on Southern Louisiana.  It doesn’t usually kick in around here until mid to late October and right now we are still dealing with temps in the low 90’s and the humidity from H.E. double […]

Lunch Packer – Russbe Bags {Giveaway!}


Packing lunches is one of my morning tasks.  I pack in the morning because I like everything to be freshly placed in the kids’ lunchboxes the same day.  Also, I just do not really want to do it the night before.  By the end of the day, I’m done. But I find a certain pleasure […]

A Day


I was inspired by Katie, from Loves of Life to post my day in pictures. I have done this before but it’s been a while.  Also, the last time I did it I had kids around more.  And I was taking self portraits so I was in some of the photos.  Not this time.  Plus, this […]

How Could You Be So Harsh?

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The other day I went to Target to pick up a few a lot of things and I was alone (I KNOW!!) since my babysitter was hanging with the kiddos. You know how it is when you go shopping alone (if you’re a parent), you’re just SO much more relaxed when the only person you have […]

Rare Bird, A Book Review


I started reading Anna’s blog, An Inch of Gray, after her twelve-year old son Jack was lost in a freak flash flood.  I was directed there by another blogger,  I cannot remember who.  It could have been  from a tweet or a mention on their blog, the details are sketchy. I do however, remember the pain I […]

You DON’T Have a Blog??

Awesome people I know because they have a blog!

I was in church the other day and I was supposed to be listening to the priest.  And I was, for the most part. But my mind drifted for minute or two, as it tends to do sometimes,  and I noticed a woman and her family – her husband and their three sons – in the front […]