Wrapping Challenge(d)

photo (88)

You know what is important when wrapping gifts? Tape. And Scissors. Somehow during my marathon wrapping sessions I typically misplace one or both about 30 times or so.  Of course they are always in the same place – underneath the large sheet of wrapping paper that I just unrolled from the roll.  You know you’ve been there […]

Holiday Scenes


I like to think that I am creating holiday traditions for my children that they will carry on into their own families someday.  Every year I buy a gingerbread house kit for the kids and they enjoy putting it together, and of course, eating it.  My mother use to make sugar cookies for us to […]

The Miracles


“It is a miracle if you can find true friends, and it is a miracle if you have enough food to eat, and it is a miracle if you get to spend your days and evenings doing whatever it is you like to do, and the holiday season – like all the other seasons – […]

How To Take Holiday Family Photos Without Really Trying*


It is usually a bit of a challenge to get our own family photos for our yearly holiday/Christmas card.  Partly because I don’t usually hire anyone else to do it and partly because my husband and children are all, “This again!?!?” when we really only take them formally once a year a few times a year. […]

“Friendsgiving” with Netflix


This month Netflix is exploring friendships and highlighting some of the great shows that celebrate friends. One show that I have been watching this month and yes, I am kind of behind the curve on this one, is Orange is The New Black (a Netflix exclusive series).   One place you definitely need to have […]

15 Years and 2 Weeks

Anniversary Collage

Tim and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary two weeks ago, on November 6th.  I honored it in part, by being on the internet less that week, so this post is a tad belated.  However, I still wanted to put these words out into the universe, in my space here. I love you, so much, […]

The Dress-Up Box

BoysDressUp Collage

A friend of mine was having a garage sale and I knew I could find a “few” things to contribute.  I decided to start in the boys’ closet for cleaning out and finding some things to begin a pile in my own garage.  Plus, I really needed to go through their clothing and switch some […]

Old School Blogging, 5 Random Things…

Wearing one of my vintage hats in 2011

I have seen this going around in the last few weeks so Nicole from Moments That Define Life and I figured we would make this the OSB topic this month.  That way, if you have already done it you can link up too!  If you have not done it, it is really a good one. […]

Moving On


One morning last week, in the crisp-ish Fall air, I took our puppy, Oliver for a walk/run in the park not too far from our house.  There is a long and dusty or muddy (depending on how much rain we have or haven’t had lately) trail that circumvents the playgrounds, basketball courts and duck pond. […]

Halloween, Twenty Fourteen!


This Halloween included a photo shoot along with Mummy dogs and of course, Trick-or-Treating! This mural is on a game/comic book store not too far from our house and the boys were especially “game” (ha! I crack myself up!) to take their picture in front of it.   After that we hung out in our […]