The View From Here


Many of the views I take in with motherhood are contained within my home and my minivan. I see the bottom of the top bunk while reading books to my little girl.  I see the tub, full of water, bath toys and kids. I see LEGOs all over the floor. LOTS of LEGOs. One of my favorite views is […]

Staying Cool {with Netflix}


It’s been hot.  And when I say “hot” I mean “really darn hot”.  So, this past week the kids and I mostly stayed in. We did walk the dog one morning.  However, since we were all running back and forth to the shady spots on our neighborhood streets and sweating A LOT after one block, […]

I Don’t Know.


I sat in my new reading spot in the corner of our living room looking at my phone.  I checked Facebook and noted a status from an acquaintance who I am “friends” with.  She made mention of 10 cop cars at The Grand 16 and asked if anyone knew what was going on.  Someone commented, […]


She steps out of the dressing room in her plaid school dress, as a broad smile spreads across my face.  A mask for my mothering heart that is slowly cracking on the inside. “Oh baby, you look so cute!” It is true, she does and she will. Even on the days she dresses herself and […]

Observations from someone who forgot her phone…


My kid likes to say that my phone is permanently attached to my arm. He’s not far off. But sometimes, believe it or not, I forget it when I go places. Recently I forgot it when we went to the pool.  When I realized I did not have it I was a tad perturbed for a […]

Summer, Slow Down


The glass doors are closed as I sit, looking at my computer screen.  The dog is at my feet. Sleeping. I glance over and see they are watching Sponge Bob or The Lego Movie (again) or a Full House rerun. They take breaks from it to read (usually forced by me) or to practice math […]

What Was Your Favorite Part?


This was the question we kept asking each other while on our family vacation to Universal and Orlando last week.  Each day, we would review what our favorite ride or moment of the day was.  By the time we were driving away from the waterpark on Saturday evening, all six of us (my MIL joined […]

Summer Happy! (+ $110 to Target!)


Our Summer is flying by! Ooh look it’s already July.  How’d that happen? Thankfully, we’ve had some fun and I have not heard “I’m bored” too many times to count.  Okay, maybe I’ve just ignored it a few lots of times… Anywho, yes, we’ve done some stuff, maybe not everything I listed here (yet) but […]

Home Makeover Edition

BenRoom Collage

The house we live in and me, well…. we have a love/hate relationship.  I love the size of the closets and all the rooms actually.  I hate the lack of curb appeal.  I love the kitchen, and it’s bright windows over the sink but I hate the fact that a “real”-sized fridge does not fit […]

I’m on a Roller Coaster. Not that kind.


“He is only 3 and half years from getting is permit,” Tim said the other day. Meanwhile he was picking out the stake to put through my heart. “It took longer than that to potty train him!” We both laughed.  And then I wanted to cry. My oldest child is STILL gone at sleep-away camp. […]