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bluebonnet collage

Warning:  This post is SUPER random and…   wait for it…     Miss -Elaine-ous!!   Get it?   On the way to my niece’s wedding we stopped and took a few photos in the bluebonnets and other wildflowers that grace the side of the country roads in the Hill Country of central Texas.  It […]

Baby Toes & Button Noses


I found myself wishing for “the old days” recently, while unwrapping the plates and decorations for my son’s 10th birthday party.  It was a small, simple party with very little effort on my part.  I bought a few things at the dollar store to make it look festive and ordered a cookie cake.  There was […]

TILT – Review and Giveaway


While at Mom Com in Austin I went into a session with Marci Fair.  At first I was not sure I would get that much out of it because Marci is a classic “working mother”.  She has a career outside of the home, helps spearhead a charity that she founded and she is  busy with […]

What a Wedding it Was!

Me and Megan

When I was 16 years old my oldest brother and his wife had their first baby.  My parents and I sat in the waiting room of the hospital that July evening, watching Johnny Carson (it was his last year to host The Tonight Show) waiting and waiting for her to be born.  I was elated […]

Ben Ten

photo (35)

    This is Ben. Today he is ten. Yesterday he was nine. And that was just fine. But now he is older by a bit And at the adult table he likes to sit. He tells funny jokes once and while And leaves his clothes in his room, on the floor, in a pile. […]

Listen To Who? Oh yeah, your Mother!

LTYM SETX Cast Members Collage

All eleven of us (we were missing one) sat around two tables covered in pink, plastic table cloths with our words in print,  in front of us. Pink is ALL around the Julie Rogers’ offices (our cause is so amazing, click the link!), since they love it and it ties in with what the do […]



When I was pregnant with my first child I had so many expectations.  I spent several hours reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, the book that most mothers who see those two pink lines for the first time, consider the pregnancy Bible.  I eagerly anticipated the emails that entered my inbox every week, comparing […]

Three Nine

Elaine profile

Last Sunday after mass the church choir sang “Happy Birthday” to me and Ms. Judy, another choir member.  We share a birthday, and after the singing ended I told her that I did not realize we shared our special day.  She laughed and said, “Yes, I am at 39 and holding!”  I laughed back a […]


Katie Collage2

Last weekend as we drove around the corner of our street where the azalea bushes line the fence, two of the bushes grabbed our attention with their bright pink blooms whereas the others showed mostly only green still.  Tim asked me, “Did those bloom and I missed it?” He’s been working really hard lately, on […]


during her 3rd or 4th or 5th viewing... I can't keep track.

Tim brought K a copy of “Frozen” during lunch on Tuesday.  You know the same day that my Facebook feed was filled with updates about buying it at Target and (okay, I’m guilty, I added a photo to the collection, see below… ) how excited people were to get their copy from the UPS guy. […]