Lunch Packer – Russbe Bags {Giveaway!}


Packing lunches is one of my morning tasks.  I pack in the morning because I like everything to be freshly placed in the kids’ lunchboxes the same day.  Also, I just do not really want to do it the night before.  By the end of the day, I’m done. But I find a certain pleasure […]

A Day


I was inspired by Katie, from Loves of Life to post my day in pictures. I have done this before but it’s been a while.  Also, the last time I did it I had kids around more.  And I was taking self portraits so I was in some of the photos.  Not this time.  Plus, this […]

How Could You Be So Harsh?

photo (70)edit

The other day I went to Target to pick up a few a lot of things and I was alone (I KNOW!!) since my babysitter was hanging with the kiddos. You know how it is when you go shopping alone (if you’re a parent), you’re just SO much more relaxed when the only person you have […]

Rare Bird, A Book Review


I started reading Anna’s blog, An Inch of Gray, after her twelve-year old son Jack was lost in a freak flash flood.  I was directed there by another blogger,  I cannot remember who.  It could have been  from a tweet or a mention on their blog, the details are sketchy. I do however, remember the pain I […]

You DON’T Have a Blog??

Awesome people I know because they have a blog!

I was in church the other day and I was supposed to be listening to the priest.  And I was, for the most part. But my mind drifted for minute or two, as it tends to do sometimes,  and I noticed a woman and her family – her husband and their three sons – in the front […]

You CAN Teach a New Dog Old Tricks!

Imagine Toys Collage

One afternoon last week it was just about cool enough to play outside.  So I encouraged dragged all my boys (including the canine one) to come outside and play.   We had received this wonderful KaBOOM! Go Out & Play backpack from Imagine Toys with all kinds of goodies, including a disc.   And, we have […]

Fight or Flight


The warm cup of coffee sits before me and I think about all the things that would taste good with it.  Like a muffin or a scone.  Like a bowl of “cinnamon cereal”.  Just one small bowl. And then the word “NO” pops into my head.  A HUGE fonted “NO” that screams at me, YOU […]

Invisalign Teen – Straight Talk on Straight Teeth


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  But of course, all thoughts and opinions are my own.   I am not sure if y’all have noticed lately but my kids are growing up at like lightening speed! When I started this blog back at the end of 2006  The B Man looked like this:   And now […]

Keeping The Spark Alive…


This guy has been off adventuring in Alaska.  I mean, WOW, that’s a big fish right? (it’s a Halibut, by the way so go ahead, try to make your own, just for the “halibut” pun… I’ll wait…)     I (and the kids and the puppy) have missed him A LOT. I am SO glad […]

I’m Such a Good Mom

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Many times we find ourselves berating OURSELVES because of our supposed shortcomings in the motherhood department.  I know, it’s human nature to focus on the negative much of the time.  And I’m not saying I am perfect.  Not at all. But the title of my post today is not full of sarcasm.  It is FULL of […]