Canadian Fun!


I’m leaving for BlogHer on Wednesday so I want to leave some more a kajillion photos from our trip to Canada up before I jet outta her (Get it, “jet” outta here? I know, I’m hilarious). They don’t need a ton of explanation.  You can probably tell from them that we had a wonderful time!   We […]

To Alberta, With Love


The week before last we made the trip to western Canada again to spend time with my cousin and her family. Because my cousin Misty is more like a sister, we just call all the kids cousins (and they are technically, just second cousins) and sometimes even say “Aunt” and “Uncle” for my cousin and her […]

Dreams Do Come True

When I was a little girl I had dreams of being the next Madonna.  Okay, minus the cone bra, but you know what I mean. I used my “jam box” to record my favorite songs off of the radio on to cassette tapes, or just bought the “single” on tape during my next trip to the […]

The 4th, And now the 5th…

4th of July Collage

I mentioned on Facebook that this last weekend, 5 years ago, we moved. A lot has changed in those 5 years, but especially my kids. I mean, one of them wasn’t even born yet when we came to Louisiana.   Every year at this time when I think about this anniversary,  I marvel at how much […]

Market-ing in Humidity


I don’t like to lie. I’ve done it, I ain’t no saint. But the truth always comes out so why lie? At least this is what I say.   So I’m not going to sugar coat these photos from our little jaunt to our local farmer’s market last weekend.  There are some cute ones and […]

Suicide Sucks


I put these words out there to some online friends the other day.  As if they did not know this already. But unless someone close to you or close to someone you love has taken their life, I’m not sure you can really know the true depth of it’s suckage.   Some good friends here […]

Blogging Lives On…

I have been reading blogs for almost as long as I have been writing one. I started writing here (or, at in November of 2006.  Then a year later I found OTHER blogs through a friend of a friend. Mind. Blown. (I was so cute back then, figured only 10 other people were blogging […]

Growing Things & #HappyMamaSummer $125 Giveaway!


The boys’ school planted a garden back in the Spring and K and I went to assist on the day the soon-to-be pepper, tomato and zucchini squash plants went into the prepared earth.  It was really great to see all the kids, teachers and some parents (even grandparents) working on it together. A few tomato plants were […]

I’m Giving Something Away – A Wood Watch!


I have not worn a watch in YEARS. The battery died in a lovely watch Tim gave me for an anniversary or a birthday many moons ago (I cannot remember, sorry honey, I do not have a memory like an elephant like you…) and I never got it replaced.  So, I just stopped wearing a […]

Reality Bites


Do you remember that movie?  It was a classic 90′s movie, complete with Winona Ryder. Also, it came out 20 years ago.  Let the feeling-old feelings commence.   Reality does kind of bite right now though, mostly because of this.  And just a little because Tim and I recently returned to reality, after an amazing time […]