You CAN Teach a New Dog Old Tricks!

Imagine Toys Collage

One afternoon last week it was just about cool enough to play outside.  So I encouraged dragged all my boys (including the canine one) to come outside and play.   We had received this wonderful KaBOOM! Go Out & Play backpack from Imagine Toys with all kinds of goodies, including a disc.   And, we have […]

Fight or Flight


The warm cup of coffee sits before me and I think about all the things that would taste good with it.  Like a muffin or a scone.  Like a bowl of “cinnamon cereal”.  Just one small bowl. And then the word “NO” pops into my head.  A HUGE fonted “NO” that screams at me, YOU […]

Invisalign Teen – Straight Talk on Straight Teeth


I am not sure if y’all have noticed lately but my kids are growing up at like lightening speed! When I started this blog back at the end of 2006  The B Man looked like this:   And now he looks like this:   try not to be distracted by the super cute dog! Good […]

Keeping The Spark Alive…


This guy has been off adventuring in Alaska.  I mean, WOW, that’s a big fish right? (it’s a Halibut, by the way so go ahead, try to make your own, just for the “halibut” pun… I’ll wait…)     I (and the kids and the puppy) have missed him A LOT. I am SO glad […]

I’m Such a Good Mom

photo (64)

Many times we find ourselves berating OURSELVES because of our supposed shortcomings in the motherhood department.  I know, it’s human nature to focus on the negative much of the time.  And I’m not saying I am perfect.  Not at all. But the title of my post today is not full of sarcasm.  It is FULL of […]

No Difference

photo (63)edit

This is one of my oldest son’s best friends.   Sorry for the quality of the photo but they were forced by their mother’s (one of them being me) to get out of the pool and take a picture together since this was J’s going away party.   And it was almost dark. That’s right, […]

He Wasn’t Famous

The weeks leading up to my brother-in-law taking his own life were strange to say the least.  In that time my husband had a premonition-like dream about his brother.  And then the very next day my brother-in-law called him. They had not spoken in months.  Shortly after that Tim and his brother were able to see […]

Old School Blogging, Wrapping Up Summer


My boys went back to school today (and K starts on Monday!) so you know what that means right?  Even though technically, there is still over a month of Summer left, it’s over.  The lazy mornings and pool time and PJ days are a thing of the past.  Well, until next June anyway. And here’s […]

5 Ways Having a Puppy is Like Having a Baby

photo (56)

1.  They wake you up in the middle of the night (to pee).  Thankfully there are no soaked-through diapers but still, I’m AWAKE now.   2. You talk “baby talk” to them.  “Oh, hey wittle man, you are SO cute and I wove you so much!  You have de softest erahs eva!”  (okay, maybe not […]

Take The Long Way Home


My oldest kiddo went to sleep-away camp for the first time last week.  He was dropped off by Tim while I was on my way home from BlogHer.  That wasn’t a really fun feeling, by the way – your kid being dropped off to somewhere they have never been before whilst you get to miss […]