Hey Ellen!

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There’s an older man in our neighborhood that I met through the local running club (I was briefly a member) and he lives on the next street.  EVERY TIME he sees me run or walk by his house he hollers, “Hey Ellen!” I guess when we were introduced he never heard my name correctly and I simply do […]

Old School Blogging – A Few of My Favorite Things


I know, now you cannot stop singing, “these are a few of my favorite things…” No? Just me? Krysytn from Really, Are You Serious? and I have come up with a little list of some of our favorite things and we want you to share yours too. This is REALLY Old School, right?  I have […]

#IAmAGoodMom Instagram Fun!


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called ‘I Am Such A Good Mom’, because I wanted to start a movement of positivity and encouragement for moms. So often, we mothers are quick to put ourselves down, and miss all the moments when we ARE good, even great. My friend Alison loved this idea so […]

My Crazy Awesome Kids


One morning recently I took a quick walk through my neighborhood as my exercise for that day.  It was great weather and other people were out and about as well.  On one of the blocks I saw my neighbor friend’s two boys riding their scooters.  As I passed them I said, “Hey guys” and one […]

Minted {A Giveaway}

minted calendar

I have a slight obsession with paper, I always have.  I used to love to cut up magazines and make collages and I love to write on paper (although I do not do it often enough anymore).  In the past I have been known to spend a long time in a stationary or scrapbooking store, […]

Get The Behavior You Want… {The Three R’s of Parenting}


You know what is really good?  To have a doctor friend in your back pocket.  Or even your front pocket works, just make sure she doesn’t fall out. I have a friend who is a doctor and not only is she a really good one, but she is also a parenting pro!  Many times her […]

Down on the Horse Farm


I mentioned in K’s birthday post that she likes horses.  Although, “like” might be a bit of an understatement.  “Obsessed with” is probably more accurate. I am so glad that we found the perfect spot for her party this past Sunday and I am even more thankful that the weather was absolutely perfect! We were […]

Kay Kay is Five Today

K collage

I can still remember when the sonographer confirmed that I was having a girl, at my 20-week appointment while pregnant with K.  Unfortunately only she and Tim saw the enormous smile on my face, I kind of wish I could have seen it too.  It wasn’t so much that I really wanted a girl, I […]

These Kids, They are Special

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Sometimes when I really start to think about my children and their qualities and uniqueness, I get teary. Okay wait. EVERY time I think about those things, I get teary. I mean, they’re my kids. And one of the things I love about them MOST is their uniqueness.  Sure, some of their “qualities” get on […]

The Goodness

One of my favorite photos of my boys, showing each other goodness...

Earlier this week I heard my priest speak outside of church.  He was talking about the innate goodness in us.  And how it is so much within us when we are children but as we get older and more jaded, it begins to disappear. Now before you stop reading because I said “priest”, please know […]