Taco Night

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The ground meat sizzles in the hot pan and soon it will be many small crumbles, ready for my homemade taco seasoning.  I use my handy-dandy Pampered Chef tool to make it that way.  It’s really the only thing I have ever bought from PC that I use. Once again I have deemed it “Taco […]

Oh yes, Phineas and Ferb

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The last couple of weeks before school started we were kind of grasping for straws as to what to do. Okay, yes, there was a trip to the beach but I mean before and after that. It seemed like we had done all the camps and watched the LEGO movie enough and it was WAY […]

Mosquitoes Be Gone! {Giveaway}


We live in the swamp.  Okay, not the ACTUAL swamp, but you know what I mean.  Although it was pretty dry here for the month of July and first part of August this year, typically that is not the case.  Usually rain is abundant and plentiful most of the year.  And the months of May […]

(not so perfect) Mini Peach Pies


Remember when we used to get recipes from books and magazines? I used to get a SLEW of recipes from magazines.  I tucked this one away LONG ago (approximately 2008) in my handy-dandy recipe binder, but just never tried it before.  It includes the fruit of the peach, which is one of my most favorite-est fruits ever. (no, […]

Drop Off and Pick Up


There were a few tears as I walked them to where their classes were gathering.  I was nervous times three.  I could feel it all morning.  I didn’t even sleep well the night before.  My tummy was full of butterflies and flipping and flopping FOR them.  I can only imagine how they were feeling.  A totally […]

Writers Gonna Write


I occasionally get compliments on my writing. I am not saying that to brag.  I’m saying that because it kind of shocks me every time it happens. It literally feels like I just stuck my finger in a socket, not knowing what would happen. I think (and hope) I always remember to thank the person […]

Back at the Beach


My kids are spoiled.  I don’t mean it like they are spoiled brats, I just mean that I had it a tad rougher when we visited the beach when I was a kid. Instead of just trekking it down the elevator and over the boardwalk to get to the beach, we had to drag our things […]

The View From Here


Many of the views I take in with motherhood are contained within my home and my minivan. I see the bottom of the top bunk while reading books to my little girl.  I see the tub, full of water, bath toys and kids. I see LEGOs all over the floor. LOTS of LEGOs. One of my favorite views is […]

Staying Cool {with Netflix}


It’s been hot.  And when I say “hot” I mean “really darn hot”.  So, this past week the kids and I mostly stayed in. We did walk the dog one morning.  However, since we were all running back and forth to the shady spots on our neighborhood streets and sweating A LOT after one block, […]

I Don’t Know.


I sat in my new reading spot in the corner of our living room looking at my phone.  I checked Facebook and noted a status from an acquaintance who I am “friends” with.  She made mention of 10 cop cars at The Grand 16 and asked if anyone knew what was going on.  Someone commented, […]