Counting Cabs


I have realized in the last few months that I consistently think of my daughter as “older”.  Meaning I think about her being an older kid because her oldest brother is so mature and her other brother is almost 8 years old.  Sometimes I do not give her enough credit for still being 5.  KWIM? […]

Uncommon Goods & Healthy Habits


I have this ever-present internal struggle with food.  I’m pretty sure I have talked about this here before.  I’m not going to delve into all the “pshyco-babble” about why, who, what or where, just know it’s there.  So, in an effort to help myself eat and drink more healthily, I have been looking for any […]

Moody Gardens Adventures!


This year for Spring Break we decided to head to Galveston, TX for a few days.  We had never been before and I had heard good things about some of the attractions and that there is quite a bit to do with kids.  Since it’s only about a 4 hour drive and there’s a beach, […]

Old School Blogging – 12 Questions


Whew! Y’all, I almost forgot about Old School Blogging this month!  Can you believe that? (yes, so can I).  Thankfully it came to me amongst a ton of other random thoughts yesterday morning and my pal Emmy is a real trooper and decided short notice was fine.  I have such great friends.  Emmy is an […]

Did Y’all Know That I am “Frumpy”?

HuffPo ScreenShot

Yeah, me neither. Turns out some stranger on the Huffington Post FB page thinks I am.  I’m also supposedly a bad selfie-taker and because I do not like to impulse buy lipstick and shoes (okay the second one is kind of a lie…), I am “lame”.  People also inferred that I like to sit around […]

Down by the sea…


I smile the second I see it. I walk up and hear the waves.  The water, so beautiful, so strong. It doesn’t love me as much as I love it but that is okay. I want my kids to feel the way I feel every time I am near it. I want them to be […]

Easter Ease


We had a pretty chill Easter this year.  I did spend quite a bit of time at church.  But that is a good thing. A lot of times we go to Texas but the timing wasn’t right this year so we stayed home and had our own, calm weekend and a delicious meal that we all enjoyed, […]

He Said My Name Right


Their home was so welcoming and bright.  The first time I went over to meet them I do not remember all the details but I do recall feeling right at home very quickly.  The living room at Tim’s grandparents’ home was one of my favorite places when we were first dating and it was the […]

Double Ones (birthday post for my boy)


My oldest child is an old soul.  He has always spoken well, since a very young age.  I think he gave me a lot of trouble when he was a pre-schooler because he had so much he wanted to do and say but he couldn’t then.  He was trapped in a baby boy’s body. This […]

It’s My Party and I’ll Skate If I Want To…


A few months ago I was at dinner with some girlfriends and I asked them to start brainstorming with me about what I could do for my 40th birthday.  I wanted to have a fun party that would take me back to my youth and make us all feel a just a tad younger for a […]