Furry Friends & Netflix


We have the cutest dog.  You can argue that point by saying that you have the cutest dog if you have a dog but I’m sorry, everyone in this family will dispute that since we know our dog is cuter.  Sure, your dog is probably pretty cute.  I know.  Dogs are cute.  But OUR dog is […]

Under Gavin’s Bed

Let me set the scene: Fifteen minutes before we need to leave for church and I have yet to put my makeup on and still need to get one child dressed for church.  Ben comes into my room fully dressed, except for shoes. “Mom, I can’t find my brown shoes.” “Did you look under Gavin’s […]

Surely Those Goldfish Won’t Kill Them

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.25.25 PM

As I push my adopted cart with one wobbly wheel through the grocery store, I peruse my list and hit up the produce section first.  I remind myself that I’ve read you should stay on the perimeter of the store, since the healthiest food is located there.  I remind myself of this every time. I load up […]

Marvel Universe LIVE!


I have talked about how my kids are fun to be around lately.  I am not sure I have mentioned what great travelers they are.  I know it’s “easier” these days to travel with kids since we have a lot of mobile things for them to do in vehicles and on airplanes but I honestly […]

Old School Blogging- Reflections


Hey all, it’s that time again (I skipped last month. last month was NUTS!)  Anyway, I am going it alone with Old School Blogging this month.  Mostly because I was so busy with December that I simply forgot to ask for a co-host.  When I was thinking about what to do this month I bounced […]

Happy Mamas – A Year of JOY!


J.O.Y. Just feel it, Over and over, You can do it.   That just came to me as I started this post. How fun is that? You may not know this but I am part of a super not secret group of online ladies and we masquerade around as the “Happy Mamas”.  We do not, […]

Wasted time is so 2014


The puppy dog and I walk down the street, the sun on our faces like a welcomed greeting from an old friend. It is just a few days into this new year.  I left my phone sitting on the desk in the kitchen.  I think twice – I should have brought it.  What if someone […]

January always comes after December


I always think “Oh my gosh, another year has passed just like that,” when I begin to take a look back.  Like many of us, I assume, the calendar changing to a different number at the end of the date on my checks, always surprises me after all the craziness of Christmas. (yes, I may […]

Christmas Movies and Netflix Giveaway!


I love watching certain movies at the holidays.  In my family it became a tradition to watch A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve every year.  That was solidified when a certain cable channel started playing it non-stop for 24 hours several years ago.  It did not matter if it was the scene where he sticks his […]

Wrapping Challenge(d)

photo (88)

You know what is important when wrapping gifts? Tape. And Scissors. Somehow during my marathon wrapping sessions I typically misplace one or both about 30 times or so.  Of course they are always in the same place – underneath the large sheet of wrapping paper that I just unrolled from the roll.  You know you’ve been there […]