On Strong Hearts…

Last week my mom called to tell me that the pains my Dad had been having for a while in his leg had something to do with a blocked artery.  After many tests and scans they decided to put a stent in one of them to help the blood flow again.  However, when my father […]

A Birthday to Remember

Today is my girl’s birthday.  I already gushed about having a daughter last week so today, I just want to talk about her. The little person I know who is 6 years old today and means so much to me, her mother. Katelyn Cecilia was born on a Thursday morning via scheduled c-section.  I remember […]

Cathching Up With Netflix

My friends and I were talking the other night at our “moms night” about how we do not watch that much t.v. anymore.  An by “t.v.” we really mean regular, night time shows.  At this point in our lives is just kind of hard to do so.  Even if we fill our DVR with things […]

Tweet, Tweet

Do you still use Twitter? I do.  Although I’m not completely sure why.  I don’t think any of my blog traffic comes from there. I see most people using it for links to posts and lots of Instagram pictures.  Which I get, I tweet post links (not just mine) ALL THE TIME as well as most of […]

To Have a Daughter

“Come sit right here,” I say as I pat my hand on the sofa cushion.  She sits with her back to me.  Her pink hairbrush with a big white “K” on the back is in my right hand and I begin brushing a group of strands on the right side of her head. Wavy, so wavy and […]

The View and Nurse Storytellers…

I don’t want to be one of those people who makes “mountains out of molehills” or anything like that but the other night I was laying in bed thinking about this whole “The View” thing and what they said about Miss Colorado and her monologue about being a nurse.  First and foremost, yes, they insulted […]

Old School Blogging – ABCs of Me

So hey, what’s up old school bloggers? It’s BAAAACK! Aren’t y’all excited? I am! I sort of kind of (not really, just thought it best to) took a summer break from OSB but I am back and ready to read all about your ABCs of Me post this month!  This one is TOTALLY old school. […]

Dig Deep

My mother-in-law stood in the middle of our carpeted living room with the sun from the skylight on her face, across from the man I had met only an hour ago, with his clipboard.  I had just come back from my bedroom, after peeing for probably the third time that hour.  She had a really concerned […]

The View

In the summer of 1996 I went o New York City, New York for the first time in my life.  I used my savings to buy the plane ticket and pay for the other expenses involved in the trip.  It was actually a college class I took and so a group of us students and […]

Let’s Be Hands Free

People wonder what I “do all day” now that all of my kids are in school.  And believe it or not, I used to wonder what I was going to do all day once all of my kids were in school. I knew I did not want to get caught in the trap of mindlessly […]